New face New address Face to face 7 ,'-■■■ M fUO# V** Telephone: +31.20.460.4747 Fax +31.20.460.4954 2 in brief What's NewS Issue 7July 1996 (what's in a word)- Barcelona is the latest addition to the international network. Carlos Gramunt {33) is busy establishing the rep office there. He joined the bank from ABN Amro Spain's corporate banking department at the beginning of May. Ifall goes according to plan, he will be presenting Rabobank to the Catalan market in early September. 'We already have five significant clients in the region,' he says, 'and my job will be to both manage those relationships and, of course, build new ones.' Welcome to the network, Carlos. people J- Curafao Ad Huisman account manager Private Banking returns to the Netherlands. Ad will take up a position at Rabobank Midden Ysselmonde. Ouernsey Ton Knaap, interim director, will leave the bank. Netherlands Guus Rozendaal of the former Rotterdam office will return to International Trade Finance as senior area manager. Peter Spitters has been appointed deputy head of F&A Research. Roël McMahon- Stokkentre, head of Financial Market's Trade desk left the bank. Poland Dr. Laszlo Vissy has joined the Representative Office as operations manager. Corrections: last month we said Gert Jan van den Brink was going to Germany's audit department. He will actually head up the IT unit. Sorry, Gert Jan. Masthead Editorial Staff David Brown (Editor), Anne Lavelle (Editor), Stan Polman (Editor in Chief),NoorTania (Final Editor/ Marketing Services). Editorial Address Rabobank Nederland, Piet Philipsen, Editorial assistant, UC-R 519, P.O. Box 17100,3500 HG UTRECHT. Telephone: +31 (0)30 2162083 Telefax:+31 (0)30 2161904 Internet E-Mail address Philipsen, P.@ico_uc@comm (for internal use only) Internet-address, Designed and printed by Hoonte Holland bv, Utrecht. Please send change of address cards to: A. de Keijzer, BC 102 A. As reported in the previous issue of What's NewS, Rabo Securities has moved house - what we didn't do was give you their new address. Here it comes: Rabo Securities N.V. Rembrandt Tower Amstelplein 1 1096 HA Amsterdam P.O. Box 94640 1090 GP Amsterdam - T v You probably speak to them daily, hut can you put a name to a face? What's NewS helps out by formally introducing the secretaries of the foreign offices department and your usual first point of contact at marketing services. Ladies - take a bow. From left to right: Lagon van Staalduinen, Anneke Stel (becomes secretary of Willem van 't Hooft on August 1), Wil van der Tuuk (marketing services), Nicoline van Hoeve and Anja Pater (seated) missing Christine Maarse. The Robeco acquisition remains hot news for the whole network. So let's look at some of the typical terms associated with this major independent European asset manager. Aim creation of capital through marketing of financial products and services to private, institutional and corporate investors worldwide. Figures total assets under management over NLG 75 billion (5/96); institutional market: NLG 24 billion. Staff 755 (4/96). Clients 710,000 (4/96). Structure four divisions financial, property, marketing, and finance and systems. Funds Robeco (NLG 10.5 billion); Rolinco (NLG 5.6 billion); Rorento (NLG 7.8 billion); and Rodamco (NLG 12.7 billion). International operations asset management services and investment funds are markets from the Geneva- based Robeco Bank (Suisse); Robeco Bank (Luxembourg); and Groupe Robeco in Paris, but shares in listed funds can be bought through normal channels. Robeco Advies transaction and advice service available to all investors and savers. RIAM Robeco Institutional Asset Management - all market activities aimed at the institutional and business markets. IRIS Institute for Research and Investment Services, joint venture with Rabobank,does exactly that but also product development, investment advice and financial planning for high net-worth individuals, and central marketing support services for local Rabobanks engaged in securities activities.

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