New Face Rabobank sponsors FIS 1 WORLD SEED CONGRESS 2 in brief WHAT'S NewS Issue 6 June 1996 After three years with the bank in Utrechtfirst as traineelater on the options desk in risk managementAnton van Etten (26) has heen seconded to Singapore as part of our plan to set up a global hook structure for forex options. Trading will be handled from three locations worldwide - Utrecht, New York and Singapore, wich is the first international office to start work on estahlishing a currency options desk. (what'i s in a wor 'Dollar'is a familiar monetary unit in many countries of the world. But what about the less well-known varieties? What's NewS lists some of those units that are already or could prove relevant for Rabobankers in the future. Central Asian former Soviet republics have stuck with the rouble (SUR) made up of 100 kopeks. Bulgaria Lev (BGL) made up of 100 stotinki. The role of the seed industry in supplying future worldwide food demand is fast becoming crucial. The total world area of cultivated land is showing little annual growth, so existing acreage must produce more to meet requirements of growing populations. The seed industry has two major tasks here. Development of new varieties must focus on increased productivity and on quality. These are just some of Masthead Editorial Staff David Brown (Editor), Anne Lavelle (Editor), Stan Polman (Editor in Chief), NoorTania (Final Editor/ Marketing Services). Editorial Address Rabobank Nederland, Piet Philipsen, Editorial assistant, UC-R 519, P.O. Box 17100,3500 HG UTRECHT. Telephone: +31 (0)30 2162083 Telefax: +31 (0)30 2161904 Internet E-Mail address Philipsen, P.@ico_uc@comm (for internal use only) Internet-address, rabomagazine @ico_uc@comm Designed and printed by Hoonte Holland bv, Utrecht. Please send change of address cards to: A. de Keijzer, BC 102 A. the conclusions of the bank's latest sector study, The World Seed Market. This study was originally produced in 1993 and has been updated specially to mark the bank's sponsorship of the Federation Internationale du Commerce des Semences world congress, which was held in Amsterdam in the third week of May. Around 1,400 participants from all over the people Rabobank 'Vv world attended the conference which also gained major international media coverage. Indonesia Christian Mol has been appointed general manager, he will replace Hans van Griethuysen. Paul Beiboer is the new head of corporate banking. Paul comes from Rabobank Hong Kong. France Hans van Griethuysen has been appointed general manager. Germany Gert-Jan van den Brink joins the audit department. Gert-Jan comes from the foreign offices department. GreatBritain Edwin Nobels joins the corporate banking department as accountmanager. Edwin comes from M&A in Utrecht. Netherlands Huib Boissevain is the new director trading with Rabo Securities. Carel ter Ellen has been appointed senior dealer private placements with the fixed income trading department of financial markets. Kees Wever is the new senior relationship manager with financial institutions of the International Division.Kees comes from account management in Rotterdam. Ronald Spaan and Bert Boer of corporate banking will leavethe bank.Quirijn Korthals Altes leaves the M&A team. Wim Obbens of the origination, syndication funding department also left the bank. Poland Bert Vos has been appointed deputy general manager of Rabo BRP-Bank. Czech Republic/Slovakia Koruna (CSK) equals 100 haler. Estonia One Kroon equals 100 centes. Hungary Forint (HUF) made up of 100 fi llér. Myanmar (used to be Burma) Kyat or 100 pyas. North/South Korea Won (KPW/KRW) divided into 100 chon. People's Republic of China Yuan (CNY), breaks down into 10 jiao or lOOfen. Poland One Zloty (PLZ) equals 100 groszy. Romania Leu (plural: lei) (ROL) made up of 100 bani. Thailand Baht (THB) divided into 100 satang. Ukraine Karbovanet, temporary coupon monetary unit, permanent currency will be hryvnya, but no date for introduction yet. Vietnam Dong, divided into 10 hao,or 100 xu,or 1,000 trinh.

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