De Lage Landen - ADDING VALUE 12 networking What's NewS Issue 6 June 1996 'We all know how competitive banking has become these days,' remarks Ton Toebosch, Executive Chairman of Rabobank's wholly-owned leasing and factoring subsidiary De Lage Landen. 'How are you supposed to compete? It's not enough just to offer a cliënt a large box of cheap money; any bank can do that. You have to offer customized solutions - new products that add value for your cliënt.' Ton Toebosch De Lage Landen brings fresh options into the Rabobank network in three forms: factoring (which is managing the receivables of a company), vendor leasing (which is an arrangement designed to increase the turnover of vendors who sell capital goods such as trucks or bottling machines), and finally expertise (which is an indepth understanding of new cliënt markets). DATA SERVICE Toebosch cites a specific example. 'Say you're a Dutch flower exporter to France or Italy. You're a relatively small organization with low overhead. You have to put up a lot of money to buy flowers at auction and your future absolutely depends on getting payment from your foreign customer in good time. We can help with the usual export financing - in principle up to 100 percent. But we can also offer data about this flower exporter's counterparty - for example did that party pay the last bill on time? We can offer credit assurance and even exchange risk management. Indeed, we can completely take over the management of the clients' assets.' PLUGGED IN TO CASH FLOW De Lage Landen can afford to do this because of its extensive information exchange network. Unlike the bank, it has direct computer connections with its clients and its counterparties. 'If we receive a payment in Italy, our cliënt will know about it an hour later,' says Toebosch. 'We are totally plugged into his cash flow situation at all times.' De Lage Landen has also built up a unique pan- European network that no other competitor can fully match. In the EU, it has offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK. These were initially set up to help Rabobank clients (like the flower exporter) with their sales abroad. Since then, they have evolved to help foreign Rabobank customers in markets abroad. One example might be to help an Italian textile exporter with his receivables elsewhere in Europe. CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS In France, De Lage Landen has pioneered a reverse factoring arrangement where it acts as an intermediary between the large supermarket chain Promodes, which is a cliënt of Rabobank France, and its various small suppliers. 'There was a tension between these small suppliers - the people who delivered bread, chickens, and vegetables on the one hand - and Rabobank France's cliënt Promodes on the other. The suppliers were upset that Promodes was paying too late. Promodes naturally wanted to aggressively manage its cash flow - but it didn't want to threaten the continuity of its supplies. We stepped in and took over the suppliers' receivables after we received a solvency guarantee for Promodes from Rabobank France. Everyone was satisfied in the end.' INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION The strategy is to seek such synergies by DE LAGE LANDEN - WERELDWIJDE AMBITIES De Lage Landen (DLL) biedt nieuwe kansen voor onze klanten. Met name door producten als factoring en vendorleasing en haar grote kennis van diverse markten. Via factoring kan een leverancier geleverde goederen vast door DLL betaald krijgen, terwijl de afnemer nog niet betaald heeft. Daarnaast kan DLL het betaalgedrag van de afnemer snel natrekken dankzij het opgebouwde uitwisselings netwerk en een kredietverzekering regelen. Ook kan zij het beheer van de debiteuren portefeuille geheel overnemen.Vendorleasing geeft leveranciers van kapitaalgoederen (bv. vrachtwagens en kopieermachines) een extra marketinginstrument in handen. Zij kunnen hierdoor hun afnemers in staat stellen bijvoorbeeld een kopieermachine niet zelf aan te schaffen, maar een vast bedrag per kopie te betalen. Zo kan de afnemer haar vaste kosten omzetten in variabele kosten. Meestal richten DLL en de leverancier een joint venture op onder de naam van het bedrijf. Hierdoor kunnen producten onder eigen naam geleverd worden, zonder dat de lasten op de balans drukken. Met haar unieke Europese netwerk kan DLL onze binnen- en buitenlandse klanten van dienst zijn. Het streven is om in elk land waar een Rabobankkantoor is ook een DLL verkoopkantoor op te zetten. New York en Sao Paulo staan al op de kaart. Wie volgt?

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