■Jfc. New Faces Who's Who in Italian F&A 2 in brief WHAT'S Nf.wS Issue 3 March 1996 The foreign offices department has a new cbief. Bram Kruimel (photo) succeeds Maus Barendrecht who is moving to Milan. Kruimel comes from financial markets wbere most recently he was bead of central treasury operations for local member bank funds. Until mid-1995, he was also responsible for central treasury activities on behalf of the international network, so he will already be a familiar face to some Rabobankers outside Utrecht. He started his new job on March 1 (what's in a word)- Our 'people'section again includes a fair number of new private bankers, reflecting the bank's expansion in this area. So we're sticking with IPB/Trust for the second month in succession. HNWI High net worth individual, i.e.a person with a considerable personal fortune. Old/new money The former is (partly) inherited wealth;the latter is self-earned. Nederbelg A Dutch person nowdomiciled in Belgium, usually for fiscal reasons. people Oermany The financial markets liquidity and interest rate management team has been reinforced by Colin Ondoua. Alexandra Brönner joins the sales team. Björn Hückel is the new trade finance manager in Hamburg. London Simon Meredith has been appointed associate director of the corporate finance division. Mark Gheerbrant joins the treasury's MTN asset packaging department as director, with Adrian Felstead and Robert Healey as senior dealers. Netherlands The aerospace and export finance unit has been strengthened by Mare Roex. Masthead Editorial Staff David Brown (Editor), Anne Lavelle (Editor), Stan Polman (Editor in Chief), NoorTania (Final Editor/Marketing Services). Editorial Address Rabobank Nederland, Piet Philipsen, Editorial assistant, UC-R 519, P.O. Box 17100,3500 HG UTRECHT. Telephone: +31 (0)30 2162083 Telefax:+31 (0)302161904 Internet E-Mail address Philipsen, P.@ico_uc@comm (for internal use only) Internet-address, raboband @ico_uc@comm Designed and printed by Hoonte Holland bv, Utrecht. Please send change of address cards to: A.de Keijzer, BC 102 A. Björn Hückel Health-care team members Dick Dijkstra and Jan-Willem van Roggen will leave the bank. Mare Veldhuizen of trade finance has also left the bank. Singapore Christopher Hayes has been appointed managing director of Rabobank Asia Limited. The private banking team has been further reinforced. William Chia is the new assistant director, Tan Hwee Ping the new senior officer and Jestilia Cher Kim Hua and Tansy Tan Soon Lian new officers. Singapore branch has also been recruiting.Yeo Woei Kuen joins the branch as senior officer, trade and commodity finance. Faye Peh has been appointed assistant manager in treasury with Jason Young Chze Yan as officer. The national trade journal Food is to publish an overview of the main players in Italian food and agribusiness. Rabobank Italia is one of a group of top F&A sponsors supporting Food. Although the journal appears in Italian, and recently included an interview with Rabobank's Henk Visser, it also includes English summaries of the most important contents. The Who's Who will appear as a special edition. As sponsors, both Rabobank Italia and De Lage Landen will have advertorial coverage describing their activities. The idea behind the sponsorship relationship with Lood is to position both the branch and DLL as an integral part of the Italian L&A sector and to enhance name recognition. Published annually in 50.000 copies, the special edition will be distributed to clients and prospects. If you would like to receive a copy, Rabobank Italia will send you one on request. Contact person is Jo Panjo on +39 2 869 3000. Penshonados Pensioned I Dutch people who move to Cura^ao, again usually for tax purposes. Trust services The creation of companies such as a Dutch BV, Antilies NV and Anglo- American trusts. Antilies NV One of a number of options for creating fiscally attractive companies.The Antilles NV is a limited liability company incorporated under Netherlands Antilles (NA) law. It must have an address in the NA, but the shareholders must be non-resident.Others include Guernsey Trust, Aruba NV, etc. Settlor The person who creates the Trust, either an individual or legal entity. Protector Person appointed by the settlor to monitor trustee. Trustee Administrator (either an individual or legal entity) of the trust property. Beneficiaries The people for whose benefit the Trust was created.

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