New Faces Senior managers moving up 2 in brief WHAT'S NewS Issue 2 February 1996 Investment Advisory Service was integrated into the international division last October. The RIAS team has since moved to Utrecht and wilI be pursuing their activities in consultancy on banking, cooperative development and agrihusiness projects. Most of RIAS's projects are carried out in Central and Eastern Europe and in developing countries and are funded by the EU, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and official Dutch bilateral aid funds. Welcome back - standing fltr Leendert Colijn, Wim van Diepenbeek and Reinier Kepel; sitting fltr Gerard van Empel, Rudi Verschueren and Sandra Geerts. Marco Pieterse is missing. (what's in a word} We asked the private bankers for explanations on some of the less well known terms in International Private Banking. Asset allocation Notoniythe type of asset class (equities, bonds or cash), but also what percentage of available capital will be used and in which currencies or particular markets. Discretionary/advisory account In the first, the cliënt empowers the bank to make all investment decisions within clearly defined guidelines;the second means the provision of advice but clients make their own investment decisions. Once a wholly-owned Rabobank Rabobank operation, now again subsidiary, then a part-owned a full part of the bank, the Rural Fiduciary deposit Swiss specialty - a bank takes a deposit and lends it on to someone else, entirely at the depositors risk. For the bank the deposit remains off- balance, but still makes a return on the transaction.The cliënt has the advantage of a higher interest rate and the veil of Swiss secrecy. Lombard facility Granting a loan to a cliënt for investment in securities.Client contributes part of securities costs from own funds. Portfolio management Managing a client's investments to achieve his stated investment aims. Portfolios - income/balanced/growth Income oriented portfolios are short-term investments in various currencies and first- class bonds, but not in equities; balanced means income and capital-growth oriented, using first-class bonds, equities and/or short-term instruments; growth is the use of any available instrument aimed at capital appreciation. Private account An account opened in any freely traded currency under strict bank secrecy. January 1 saw some major changes at senior CBS levels. Long-time international chief and CBS chairman Rik van Slingelandt has been appointed to the bank's executive board. Arthur Arnold (right) of financial markets steps into position as CBS chairman while Hanno Riedlin (left) takes over the international division. Masthead Editorial Staff David Brown (Editor), Anne Lavelle (Editor), Stan Polman (Editor in Chief), NoorTania (Final Editor/Marketing Services). Editorial Address Rabobank Nederland, Piet Philipsen, Editorial assistant, UC-R 519, P.O. Box 17100,3500 HG UTRECHT. Telephone: +31 (0)30 2162083 Telefax:+31 (0)30 2161904 Internet E-Mail address Philipsen, P.@ico_uc@comm (for internal use only) Internet-address, raboband @ico_uc@comm Designed and printed by Hoonte-Holland, Utrecht. Please send change of address cards to: A. de Keijzer, BC 102 A. people Brazil Dirceu Antonio Miranda joins the new branch as treasurer. Oermany Stephen Haming reinforces the financial markets' sales team. Karl-Ralf Jung has left the bank's F&A corporate banking team. Indonesia Yohanes Suhardi has been appointed senior account manager. Italy Maus Barendrecht leaves Utrecht's foreign offices department to become country manager Italy. Netherlands Rik Reisinger moves to a new job as manager project finance. Joost Verheijen joins the M&A team as financial advisor. Both come from the food and agribusiness research team. Ariëtte Dekker has been appointed manager of the structured finance team. Singapore Jennifer Sim joins the bank as deputy director international private banking. Doreen Lee is the new senior officer in corporate banking and structured finance. Christopher Hayes is recruited as managing director private banking and Mare Tomcheck will be his deputy. ChannelIslands Ton Knaap becomes interim director of our Guernsey office. He comes from Ireland where he was deputy general manager.

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