Deal of the month ft Cyclists ON TRACK Ai What's NewS Issue 2 February 1996 short news 19 Dutch health care is one of the bank's domestic core businesses. Privatization is almost completed in this sector and the big three banks in the Netherlands, ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank, are in stiff competition to provide financial services to this essential industry. In this month's deal, Rabobank actually beat an ABN Amro/ING consortium. Healtb-care partners - fltr Jan-Willem van Roggen (Rabobank), P. van der Meer financial manager, Leyenburg), Dick Dijkstra (Rabobank) and A. Sintnicolaas (CFO, Leyenburg). The dient: Leyenburg Hospital, The Hague. The deal: finance and refinance for NLG 232 million. The players: André de la Combé and Wim Bary (credit analysts); Jan Siegelaer (credit control); Dick Dijkstra and Jan ^'illem van Roggen (health- care and government team); Rabobank The Hague; Herman Wijffels and Henk Gentis (executive support). Privatized on January 1 this year, the former municipal Leyenburg Hospital is described by account manager Jan Willem van Roggen as 'a pearl in our portfolio'. But the facility DEAL OF THE MONTH De privatisering van de gezondheidszorg leverde een forse competitiestrijd op tussen de Nederlandse grootbanken. Bij het Leyenburg Ziekenhuis in Den Haag wist de Rabobank het consortium van ABN Amro/ING opzij te schuiven. De aotale (her)financiering bedraagt NLG 232 miljoen. De Rabobank Den Jlaag zal de dagelijkse zaken gaan verzorgen. Een goede samenwerking van het Team Gezondheidszorg en Overheden met de Rabobank Den Haag en een groot aantal afdelingen binnen Rabobank Nederland maakte dit succes mogelijk. been brought in two years ago. The input from Dick Dijkstra was indispensible here, because he had long-standing relationships with members of the new board of directors. In the past two years, the board has reorganized the hospital and the outlook now is positive.' So positive, in fact, that a small part of the finance provision has been extended to Leyenburg on a 50-year linear basis. 'Normally, we never do anything above 40 years. But an exception was made in this case. Once we had approval to go ahead with bringing in this cliënt, we really went to work on it. ABN-Amro and ING formed a consortium, so we The food and agribusiness research team must have been extremely busy over the past few months as three new studies are slated for publication before the end of April. Wine is expected in February; F&A in Poland in March; and The World Wool Market in April. were competing against the combined efforts of the other two major Dutch banks. But we did it. Leyenburg is also taking its day-to-day business to the member bank in The Hague. So that's arrother good result for the organization as a whole.' CORRECTION In our Australia/New Zealand special, we erroneously described Mike Walter as managing director of PIBA. Walter is head of lending and Bev Walters is managing director. looking ahead~)~ located on a prime site in the Dutch seat of government also had its problems. 'We had a job to get approval for this deal,' he explains, 'not least because the hospital was generating negative results on a fairly consistent basis. One of the main reasons was that, as a municipal hospital, staff were paid as civil servants rather than according to colleetive labour agreements for the health-care sector. This meant the salary bill was higher than it should have been. 'There were a lot of reasons not to go for it. But, as I said, this really is a great cliënt. The decisive factor was that new management had February 19-23 Regional general managers' meeting and trade finance conference in Argentina. February 28/March 1 Regional managers'conference hosted by London Branch. March 8-11 Agro Food Fair in Ho-Chi-Minh- City (Vietnam). March 17-19 Regional general managers' meeting in Singapore. March 26-27 Sugar Sweeteners conference in Bangkok. April 14-17 Operations managers'meeting in Utrecht. The bank launched its professional cycling team with a big splash onjanuary 24 and picked up a lot of very positive press coverage at the same time. Around 150 national and international journalists responded to the invitation to meet with the team which includes big, home-grown names like Erik Breukink, and rising stars from elsewhere, such as Robbie McEwen and Viatcheslav Ekimov. To mark the launch, the bank has produced a Press Diary which provides biographies on the whole team and an overview of international cycling fixtures over the coming year. It is available in English and a copy will be sent automatically to all international offices.

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