Review-1995 Majority stake in Polish Bank Rolno- Przemyslowy First-ever OF Dutch Vermeer in Washington DC Rabo Securities Bank launches mid- Major Far East RETROSPECTIVE OLD-MASTER JOHANNES CES- KAP WARRANTS INVESTMENT IN PRIVATE BANKING IN September November December cbs happy new year Jan Laskowski, marketing manager: 'In 1995, Bank Rolno- Przemyslowy and Rabobank got engaged, and in 1996 we're getting married. We think it's a perfect fit: Rabobank is the best in the food and agrimarket - we were a medium-sized food and agribusiness bank, but a good one, Triple-A in the Polish system. We would like to consumate the relationship by making lots of money - together.' Launch agri-trade finance policy plan, 1996-2000. The milk maid: '1'm so glad the Girl with pearl earring finally got restored - she was looking a bit jaded. I would like to thank Rabobank with all my 17th- century heart for making it possible, also on behalf of Johannes. And it is great to see all my old friends in the same place at the same time. Oh, may I say I simply adore the Rabobank logo - I think I'm into modern art now.' 36-hour working week pilot starts. What'S NewS Issue 1 January 19 Raibo do Brazil receives banking licence. Alex de Waal (left), OTC special products, RSB: 'We entered the market with a splash. RSB had only been in existence for a couple of months when we came up with the idea of launching put and call warrants for the newly- introduced mid-capitalization index on the Amsterdam Bourse. Clients, both retail and institutional, love the index and they love the product. It helped put us on the map.' London celebrates 10 and Indonesia and Hong Kong 5 official years. Hans van de Weerd Sr., foreign offices department: 'We are looking to increase our private banking presence in the region very considerably so we've opted for a recruitment strategy. Recruitment of senior private bankers is developing very successfully. We've found clients here are eager to work with a Triple-A bank, so we think we can get a nice piece of the private banking pie here.'

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