7 What's NewS Issue 1 January 1996 cbs happy new year Ivar Cambridge (international trade finance, Utrecht): 'It's good to see that the bank is responding to the growing Europeanization. People in Utrecht should have a European perspective, Utrecht should grow into the centre of the European branches.' certainly looking at another year of major investment. In 1995, Rabobank pumped NLG 450 million into CBS - 350 million in pure equity and a further 100 million in costs. 'This is a huge number for any organization,' Van Slingelandt says. 'The Group could have put that money into, say, government honds. An investment of that nature would have brought in a 4.5 percent net return. We made 8 percent. So we actually generated quite a bonus for the Group as a whole. But our target still remains 10 percent. Our "parent" has told us to finance our own growth and the "earn to grow" concept is a sound principle.' WORLDWIDE R E AUTO M ATI ON Growth in the coming year means the international network will again be expanded, both by new operations in new countries, such as Vietnam and possibly India. Current operations, including Hungary and Brazil, will be upgraded. Indonesia will expand through the start-up of a second office. At the same time, CBS will be putting around NLG 35 million into a worldwide reautomation project. 'If we want better insight into our positions and if we want improved operations - actually, I'm talking about better risk management here - then we have to spend that money.' HARSH COMPETITION All of this investment is designed to strengthen our position in what Van Slingelandt describes as harsh market conditions. 'There's a 35 to 50 percent decline in the interest margin in OECD countries,' he says. 'Now, there must be banks out there offering credit lines on these margins, if you can call them margins. Our response has to be more cross-selling, more fee-based income, to make any return. In a sense, this can be a good thing because we become even more focused both on our core market, food and agribusiness, and on our clients. But we're going to have to fight for it. It won't come easy.' IMPROVED F&A FOCUS According to Van Slingelandt the combination of a relationship approach and increased focus on core business is appreciated by clients. 'It has made real impact around the world,' he confirms. 'And so it should. We invest heavily in this business and we match that investment with solid research. In the future, we'11 be putting a lot more into research to expand our knowledge base on behalf of clients. I think you'11 see our involvement in F&A deepening and expanding around the world in the next 10 years.' Peter Huisman (operations, Utrecht): 'It's okay to say changes are positive but you also have to recognize the consequences. There has to be communication between departments.For example, many people still don't know exactly what's behind the 'Operations 2000'plan we're all supposed to be working towards.' DOMESTIC ENERGY While F&A will always remain our core market, we are increasingly penetrating a number of other selected sectors. 'In Holland, we've already gained quite a foothold in the top end of the non-food market,' he continues. 'But competition is fierce. Five years ago, there was only one bank attacking the market - ABN- DominicTerberg (senior account manager, Hungary): 'The emphasis in the video on internal communication and partnership really appealed to me because we are dependent on support from and cooperation with other offices. Just look at the Deal of the Year: the more offices work together, the better the results.' Oei Chu Boon (operations manager, Singapore):"The video touched my heart. We're out to achieve a common goal for the good of the bank. Basically,our culture is a very good one,and we should cultivate it in every person of Rabobank.Takethe Deal of the Year: we can succeed in doing this by working together. In real life we are always fighting each other for money or glamour, but this video shows we are not bothered with that.That is the most important.'

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