Review-1995 Milan Malaysia Rabo Australia Thailand up UPGRADE OPENS OFFICIALLY WÊ BRINGS IN 36 PERCENT GROWTH AND RUNNING July June August cbs happy new year Executive secretary Jo Pajno: '1995 was a really exciting year given all the changes Rabobank Milan went through. We've got a lot of new faces and the atmosphere is great. The upgrade meant we could increase our range of services to our customers so the number of staff will have to grow to handle the workload and new opportunities.' Klaas-Evert Engelse, general manager: 'Official openings are strange events. We'd already been working in Malaysia for 11 months when it happened. But there's no point in doing it straight away - it' you've just arrived, you don't have anyone to invite. We had 150 guests and received a lot of media coverage. We were thrilled because that led to a lot of unexpected new contacts.' WHAT'S NewS Issue 1 January 1996 Anne Lenehan, public relations, Sydney: 'Great numbers help. PIBA always got good media coverage and since the acquisition we've got a whole lot more. The rural and trade press especially monitors us very carefully. We even have a couple of journalists who call us. One of our most successful media results came from our sponsorship of the biggest agri-show in Australia - the Dubbo Ram Sales. We worked out it brought us around AUDI20,000 worth of free publicity.' Tjepke Nawijn, general manager: 'It's a fascinating market and we're here, we're working and we're looking for an upgrade. Maybe the New Year will bring it.'

Rabobank Bronnenarchief

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