Review-1995 Official opening >- S Rabobank 1 Launch International Private Banking First cliënt Ikea back in POPULAR STRUCTURED STRATEGY FOR PANEL THE BANK January February March cbs happy new year cc O Heinz Zimmer, general manager, Zurich: 'The bank's aim is to develop international private banking into one of its core and key areas of business. You can't achieve that goal without a clear strategy. That's why the structured policy paper was essential. It gave us the framework on which to base our penetration into a sector which will be a future growth area for the bank's international operations.' Dealing room upgraded - 36 new desks and state-of-the-art technology. Eric van Griethuysen, Van Leer: 'The cliënt panel concept is very useful. Rather than just bringing all kinds of products onto the market, Rabobank Iets development depend on the wishes of clients. Although the advantage of discussions is not immediately visible for the cliënt because of the response time concerned, in the long term the panel should prove very fruitful.' International offices can now surf the Internet. Carlos Gómez-Arroyo, commercial department, Madrid: 'When we opened our aim was two-fold: to establish a solid reputation in the Spanish market and a sound position in terms of profit and profitability. We've done both in only 12 months.' Forfaiting launched at London Branch. Account manager Mare Kerkhofs: 'Of course, it always feels great to bring in a cliënt. With Ikea there was an extra dimension because they had slammed the door shut on us just three years ago. Ikea is a Triple-A company and any bank would love to have them. Now we are also talking to other divisions within the Ikea Group. If we hadn't had our present relationship with them, we wouldn't have got a foot in the door.' /■OS Grain Conference, Madrid. What'S NewS Issue 1 January 1996

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