'It's been a SPLENDID YEAR...' What's NewS Issue 1 January 1996 cbs happy new year 3 And we're heading for an even better one. What's NewS looks back on the milestones of 1995, reports the party- line on what's expected from us in 1996, and finds out what you think about it all. The CBS cabaret's version may not be quite as sleek and smooth as the real 'guy in the pie'. But even though we may still be a bit rough around the edges, CBS has had a great year. Jan Willem Slooten (corporate banking, Utrecht): 'Getting rid of borders is one of the best ideas for the new year. There shouldn't be a distinction between CBS in Utrecht and CBS International. We are all part of the same team and this artificial separation is very frustrating.' Pilar Clarambo (operations, Popular Rabobank): 'Here in Spain we often have the feeling we're far away from Rabobank in the Netherlands. When I was watching the video, it really feit like we are part of a single organization.' And that is official. Although there was still a month to go on December 1, CBS's management committee were more than happy with the serious improvements we've achieved over the past year. Return on solvency (RoS) has risen from 6.5 to over 8 percent. Past investments are paying off and more are slated for the coming year. But the improvements are only the start of something even bigger. CBS chief Rik van Slingelandt talks us through where we've come from and where we're going. 'These results are a huge compliment to the 2,500 CBSers around the world,' he says, 'they have made this happen. The bank has made major investments in assets and our people are really making them work for us. International private banking activities have taken off. Rabobank in Australia is making tremendous headway in its markets. We've just received the Management Committee CBS f.l.t.rHenk van der Stelt, Arthur Arnold, "Wouter Kolft, Henk Gentis, Rik van Slingelandt and Bert Steketee. Ethna Murphy (risk management, Dublin) 'l'm happy there'll be more emphasis on value at risk. A lot of people talk about it. It's almost a buzz word at the moment. But few actually realize what it means. We have to focus on risk management - it's the only way to go.' Slovenka Ristic (secretary F&A research team, Utrecht): 'I loved the revue, especially the tango satirizing the mission statements. It's good to be able to laugh at ourselves.'

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