New Faces European Commodity Finance 2 in brief WHAT'S NewS Issue 1 January 1996 The Chicago office will be the bank 's base for its push into North American telecommunications. A dedicated team joined the Chicago operation recently and they're already on call. From left to right: Doug Zylstra, Bill Welch (manager)Chip Walker and Aldert Blank. (what's in a word) We're back again with another look at the weird and wonderful in terminology, many drawn from the M&A field. CHAPS: acronym for Clearing House Automated Payments System.This is the UK banks' electronic cash transfer system for sterling payments and receipts. Dirty price: the price of a coupon-bearing security including the accrued interest. clients, both multinational and local. Says Rotterdam's Paul Dekker, 'We are increasingly seeing centralized finance decisions in this field so we feit there was a need for centralized planning in Rabobank to facilitate Pan-European servicing of these clients.' However, there were also two other major points on the day- long agenda. While many of the bank's clients operate internationally, there are also countless local commodity customers who should also have access to our international network. 'The idea was to bring everyone up to speed on local activities,' says Dekker, 'and by doing that we achieve our third goal - to reinforce our own networking.' Dedicated European commodity finance meetings will now be held twice- yearly. Fire sale:a form of asset stripping.The usually risky strategy of taking on large amounts of expensive debt to acquire a company and being forced to sell off its assets as the only way to meet the financial costs. Greenmail: hostile takeover term to describe usually US tactic of buying off a potential bidder. Generally done by target company to buy back its shares from the predator (body trying to take over the company) at a premium. Killer bees: more takeover jargonese. Refers to the army of lawyers, accountants and management consultants under retainer to a company which can be deployed against a predator in a hostile bid. Pac-man defence: mainly US. Target company buys up its predator's shares to fight off a takeover bid. Fifteen commodity finance account managers from 10 European Rabobank offices participated in the planning meeting hosted by the Rotterdam operation. The aim was to formulate common goals and strategies to service Masthead Editorial Staff David Brown (Editor) Anne Lavelle (Editor), Stan Polman (Editor in Chief),NoorTania (Final Editor/ Marketing Services). Editorial Address Rabobank Nederland, Piet Philipsen, Editorial assistant, UC-R 519, P.O. Box 17100,3500 HG UTRECHT. Telephone:+31 (0)30 2162083 Telefax:+31 (0)30 2161904 E-Mail address (for internal use only); Philipsen, P. @ico_uc@comm Designed and printed by Hoonte-Holland, Utrecht. Please send change of address cards to: Keijzer,BC 102 A. people Curacac George Henrick is the new deputy general manager. Netherlands Alexander Gelderman joins corporate banking with responsibility for media and telecommunications. In corporate finance, Gerard van Kaathoven has been appointed project finance manager while Nico van Eijk is our new advisor on these sectors. Steven Spiekhout joins the dairy and food group as senior account manager. James Nolan comes to mergers acquisitions as senior advisor. Marketing services has a new senior marketing manager in Gerald Wolf. Dim den Braven of financial markets origination has left the bank. Singapore Alvina Chia Shew Bin has been appointed senior officer private banking. Seed-corn capital: funds made available at the start of a project to finance the initial phase of development thus making further finance easier to get. Shark repellent: a term used to describe a change in a corporate charter in order to put off potential takeover bids.

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