Introducing... Popular Rabobank ■k 20 international WHAT'S News Issue 1 January 1996 Launched officially less than a year ago, the Madrid-based team is tackling the Spanish market in a big way. Reason enough to spotlight the people behind Popular Rabobank. A joint venture with the reputable and firmly-established strategie alliance partner Banco Popular Espanol (BPE) was Rabobank's strategy for entering the Spanish market. BPE has 1,800 offices nationwide and can provide retail and local services to Rabobank's clients. The two banks got together in early 1994 and set up what became known as Popular Rabobank. Arnout van Schelven and Alfredo Jiménez- Millas lead an independent wholesale operation structured in three departments - commercial (including a Dutch Desk), operations and treasury. DEVELOPING BUSINESS 'In the early stages,' says commercial manager Carlos Gomez-Arroyo, 'things were quite tough. Our name wasn't known in the Spanish market and we had to work hard on recognition. However, we've now proved to the F&A sector here that we are a dedicated bank with real expertise in their business. So we're now developing quite well.' 'Quite well' in Madrid means the commercial team has established total investments of around ESP 35 billion (NLG 455 million). These numbers are down to Gomez-Arroyo's six-person team. 'Account managers Ignacio Gorostiza, Enrique Buesa and I all came from outside, while Huub Keulen was recruited from Utrecht,' he says. 'All four of us are specialized in specific food and agri-sectors here in Spain and we've managed to build up a portfolio of around 40 clients so far. We're expecting to doublé that number in 1996.' DUTCH FOCUS Popular Rabobank insists it has one of the best Dutch Desks in the network. And that claim is not made by Erik Vermeulen and Frederike Wyt, but by their colleagues. The Madrid Dutch Desk is able to offer Rabo bank clients all retail products through the strategie alliance with BPE. 'We have around 300 clients,' says Frederike, 'and we can provide a broad range of services.' Erik adds, 'we can assist companies in arranging local finance facilities and improve collection of payments for Dutch exporters to Spain. But we also have people coming in who want to buy a home in Spain. They can arrange their mortgage through us.' Huub Keulen, who is coordinating the activities of the Dutch Desk, reports that as of December 18 Joaquin Jiménez Krijgsman will join the Oficina bolandesa, as the desk is called in Spain. MORE TREASURY ACTION Madrid's treasury is extremely important for Popular Rabobank's bottom line. The current dealers, Alberto Penalver and Miguel Angel Herrero, are not only responsible for investing the bank's capital to enhance total profit, they are now increasingly working with other investments and derivatives. The Madrid team has high hopes of its treasury for the future and is putting its money where its mouth is by recruiting two new dealers in the New Year. OPERATING FOR SUCCESS As the Madrid office comprises only 21 staff, José Antonio Pinas wears a number of hats. Besides managing the operations department, he is also responsible for personnel. 'The first person you'11 meet when you come into the bank is Akke Kals- beek, our receptionist,' says Pinas. 'If you move down the corridor, then the operations department itself has five areas of responsibility. Pilar Clarambo runs the back-office. Patricia Verdu is in charge of loans and credit. Ylse Dophemont looks after the foreign department. Gabriel Lozano takes care of control and reporting, while Javier Florez and Mari Paz Llop deal with systems. BARCELONA BOUND Say Van Schelven and Jiménez-Millas: 'We have a great highly-motivated team here. We're more than meeting budget and are establishing an upward line in our results. So we'11 be looking for expansion in the coming year and plans are on the drawing board for a loan production office in Barcelona. We think you'11 see this expansion before the second half of 1996.' SUCCES IN SPANJE De joint-venture met de Banco Popular Espanol verloopt uitstekend. Onze vestiging in Madrid weet zichzelf ook goed te verkopen. Het account management verwacht in 1996 een verdubbeling van haar activiteiten, de treasury wordt uitgebreid en het kantoor claimt dat haar Dutch Desk één van de beste ter wereld is. De prognoses worden ruim gehaald en de resultaten vertonen een stijgende lijn. A The management team - Arnout van Schelven (left) and Alfredo Jiménez- Millas (right). Dutch desk - Frederike Wyt and Erik Vermeulen.

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