^>OVA - GEARED TO QUALITY WHAT'S NhwS Issue 6 October 1995 spend a day 3 skilled craftspeople to produce. 'Most of what we do is handwork,' says Hendrikse. 'Our people are incredibly motivated, partly because every new order requires creative input from them. And they are extremely adaptable.' It is exactly this kind of adaptibility, cre- ativity and flexibility Bova is looking for in its bank. 'We didn't go bank shopping,' says Van Doorne. We'd had contact with Rabobank in the past and 1 think what impressed us was their eagerness to have us as a cliënt. There was no price differ- ence between the banks - they matched each other's offer.' Hendrikse picks up the story: 'We talked about it internally for around three months. At some point, we reallv had to take a decision. In the end, I wrote my choice on a piece of paper and Wim put down his on another and we opened them together.' Both notes said: Rabobank. 'We feit the advantage of Rabobank was the possibility of direct contact you have be cause we can deal di- 5 rectly with Utrecht on 0 a high level in the organ- ization,' Van Doorne f reckons. 'Communi- 1 cation lines are both short and fast. And we need a bank that thinks with us. We work in a lot of markets, so we have to deal with a lot of different currencies. We've only been clients for a few months, but al- ready our controller is talking directly to the dealing room. And we also have direct contacts with other people in other divisions.' Our account manager Jan Willem Slooten is only called in to sort out very specific requirements. In fact, so far, Rabobank has delivered everything they said they would.' But Bova will continue to evaluate the re- lationship on a regular basis. 'It's a part nership,' says Hendrikse. 'You're not just looking for someone who gives you money at a certain rate. We want a long term relationship. We have something similar with our own customers - they come back to us time and time again. Every so often, we have to check that everyone is still fresh, motivated, in their approach to our clients. So I think we'11 be doing the same with Rabobank. And we hope they'11 be doing the same with us.' There are perhaps few companies which understand the concept of cliënt service as well as Bova. As creators of custom-built luxury touring cars for customers all over Europe, every product that rolls out of their plant is unique. Bova's approach to its clients is flexible, innovative and proactive - it has to be if the company is to survive in this very competitive market. And it wants the same approach from its bank. One of our very newest corporate clients, Bova's manage ment says the choice for Rabobank was mainly a gut feeling.The builders •f the distinctive luxury utura range of touring cars have managed to secure a very comfort- able corner of this niche market in Europe. Bova has a five percent share of what one of the company's two managing directors, Mare Hendrikse, describes as quite a stable market.'If you look at the total Wes tern European market,' he says, 'you are talking about 8,000 coaches per year. Our home market is very small, so already around 80 percent of produc tion goes to export. Some of our main ^«mtpetitors are giants like Mercedes which dominates the German market. Or Renault in France. But we have been able to make considerable inroads into both markets as well. And I think we actually have a much better international BOVA - NIEUWE KLANT ■■I VOOR DE RABOBANK De Valkenswaardse maker van luxe touring cars BOVA is klant bij de Rabobank gewor den. De directie van BOVA heeft gekozen voor de Rabobank na 15 jaar bij de concur rentie te hebben gebankiert.'We hadden het gevoel dat jullie ons zo graag wilden hebben', zegt directeur Mare Hendrikse. Zijn collega-directeur Wim van Doorne voegt daaraan toe, dat de BOVA regelmatig de re latie zal evalueren: 'We doen dat ook met fcinze klanten verspreid over heel Europa', zegt hij. 'En ze evalueren onze service. Dat is essentieel als je een partnership probeert op te bouwen, of het nou met een klant is of met je bank.' spread than many of the really big players.' What Bova has done is look very carefully at all of Europe's national markets. They carry out exhaustive research on oppor- tunities in each and only move in when they see real potential for expansion. 'The markets in which we currently operate France, Germany, Denmark, the Benelux, Switzerland, Finland and the UK are just about saturated, although we managed to doublé our sales in the UK last year,' con- firms Wim van Doorne, Hendrikse's co- director. 'So, if we want to grow, and we definitely want to do that, we will have to look at new markets.' The company is currently in the process of setting up a subsidiary in Italy and is also exploring the Spanish market. 'No two markets are the same,' Van Doorne says. 'And no two customers are the same either. Every coach we build is custom-made to very precise customer specifications. So you have to be very adaptable. The touring cars are also used for different purposes in different markets - some will spend the first years of their life-cycle on long-hauls, others will be used mainly for shorter trips. It all depends on which country they are destin- ed for. So you have to take that into ac count as well when an order comes in.' Bova receives around 350 to 400 orders per year for the luxury touring cars that take six weeks and the input of over 200

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