CBS UNITED - REVISITED Rabobank What's NewS Issue 1 April 1995 The kick-off meetings held around the world last autumn were no mere flash in the pan. You are now reading one of the direct results of the drive for closer cooperation between the divisions that make up the Central Banking Sector. 'Co-workers are part ners' was among the ten points stressed in the mission statement. But if we are to be true partners, then we all have to have the same information. This is why What's NewS has been created. It is designed to provide all CBS staff, wherever they are, with news updates on what is happening within the organization. Each div- ision is represented in the editorial board and you can contact that person if you have news or items of interest for publication. We look forward to hearing from you... Who's who in the editorial board- 1Frans Cuppen (Corporate Banking) 2. Dominique Bech (Corporate Finance) 3.Cees van Rest (International) 4. Flans Reusch (Agri Business Research) 5. Ruurd Weulen Kranenberg (Financial Markets) 6.Jan van den Bosch (Operations) 7. Ben Wentrup (International) 8. Louis van Woerden (P&O) 9. Stan Polman (Editor in chief) lO.NoorTania (Marketing Services/Final Editor) 11. Anne Lavelle (Editor International) 12.Annelien Goote (Editor Utrecht) 13. Eva van Teeseling (Editorial assistant). in brief RAIBO HOSTS LA REGIONAL TRADE CONFERENCE The bank's Latin American operations generate around US$ 1.5 billion of the total US$ 7.2 billion trade finance turnover. AU of the region's offices and New York were re presented at the second annual trade finance meeting which provides a forum for discus sion, communication and networking. At present, all of the offices in the region are rep operations and focus primarily on provid- ing short-term trade finance. Soft commodities, such as grains, soya beans and fruit are the main sources of the re gion's high volume and turn over. However, all of the econ- omies in Latin America are interrelated to some extent and what affects one can have re- percussions through the re gion. An important point of discussion was the Mexican peso crisis and how it affects transnational trade in the area. But in spite of ongoing econ omie problems in some South American countries, interna tional chief Rik van Slinge- landt confirmed the bank's commitment to the region and announced further investment of NLG 2 billion over the next five years. 'I'd like to convey the confidence head office has in this group of people,' he said, 'it is really total confi dence. I am most grateful for all the efforts you put in to our activities.' ANALIST AWARD Rabobank has instituted a special annual award for the best Dutch financial analyst. The winner will be selected by corporates and investment institutions. The first award will be presented in 1996. MAROCCAN FOCUS Over 40 primarily small and medium-sized companies at- tended the specialized 'country day' held in Utrecht on April 3. 'The most interested clients tend to be those just starting in a new market - in this case Marocco,' says country desk specialist Ivar Cambridge. Re- presentatives from the Maroc- can Board of Trade and Indus- try and the EU commission for commerce with non-EC Medi- terranean countries made pre- sentations. Says Cambridge: 'Our input is to outline econ omie development and the op- portunities we see there, be- sides explaining what kind of services and assistance we can offer.' CRIME PAYS? The Dutch Justice Department has launched an experiment to combat laundering and other unlawful financial dealings. A premium is currently offered to banks to encourage them to re port suspect clients. The ex periment will be evaluated at the end of this year.

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