Push for name recognition worldwide Private bankers on course Holland in brief Looking ahead 4 International You can't hum our anthem.pll You can't even draw our flaq.lxl Still, now you know the name ofourAAA-bank. 58 member banks evacuated Symbolic milestone 50 years of freedom From the end of February, Rabobank will be making a major advertising splash in pro minent international business and financial media.The aim of the focused campaign is to im- prove the bank's name recog nition and support increasing international activity. Titles such as the FT, The Economist and the Wall Street Journal will begin carrying the new advertising campaign. In a change from what had become the bank's signature - the use of old and modern Dutch mas- ters, such as Rembrandt and ■o Mondrian - the new look ads 0\ will feature short statements and suitable visuals to get 2 across the message of who we <n are and what we do. 3 From 1992, marketing pol- icy was aimed primarily at so- called 'below the line' interna tional Communications. This means the bank attempted to increase name recognition through the production of Rabobank. Tha Ofcngat Outdi faMk authoritative studies and the organization of international conferences, seminars and trade fairs. Although these activities are highly successful and will be continued, their reach proved limited. The new advertising campaign has been designed to broaden the bank's exposure as an internationally- oriented wholesale bank which is also the top global food and agribusiness partner. The cam paign, which was developed by Saatchi Saatchi, runs until mid-April, with follow-up in specific media throughout the rest of the year. Now private banking has become one of the bank's spearheads for international growth, inhouse training has been intensified. London was the venue for the bank's two week- long private banking courses held in January and February. Rabobankers from all over the world met there to prime their skills and promote an esprit de corps in this fast-growing field of activity. The partici- pants at each course represented the offices where pri vate banking and trust are firmly rooted in Rabo- culture - Singapore, Hong Kong, Curacao, Zurich, Guernsey and Luxembourg. They pooled resources with the Utrecht team to come up with a creative and challenging course. Even before the course began, people had been asked to solve a case study involving an imaginary bank which was planning to set up a private banking department. The results were discussed, criticized and improved upon over the week. Intensive video-taped role-play sessions to hone Communications skills were also part of the training sessions. In addition, partici- pants had to absorb the avalanche of information pro- vided by seasoned speakers. But in spite of a hectic Schedule, there was time for fun too, and for prizes. The best two business plans developed from the case study scenarios won notebook computers for both Willem Jan Habersaat of the Zurich office and Harry Lai of Hong Kong. And they also carried off a prize for their offices back home. Zurich gets an additional marketing course for private banking and Hong Kong will be visited by trust lawyer Joe Field of the American firm Bryan Cave. March 3 Annual results 1994 published. March 7/8 Latine America regional trade finance conference, Sao Paolo. March 29/30 Rabobank International Grain Conference, hosted by Popular Rabobank, will be held in the Spanish capital, Madrid. April 2 1994 Annual Report/Group Profile published. May Official opening Milan branch. May 16/18 International Agribusiness Management Association con ference in Paris - Rabobank is one of the chief sponsors. June Opening Turnhout (Belgium) private banking office. June 11/16 General Managers Conference. October Rabobank sponsors food and agribusiness congress, China. Around a quarter of a million people were forced to leave their homes and bus- inesses when the Netherlands' great rivers, including the Rhine and Meuse, threa- tened to burst their banks in early February. Among the evacuees were the personnel of 58 Rabobanks, primarily in the southern provinces. Crisis teams were brought in to ensure the whole pro cedure progressed smoothly, both for the removal of equipment and furnishings and for the move back when the emergency was over. Fortunately, none of the member banks sustained any damage. But the story did not have a happy ending for many of the farmers among their clients. Numer- ous farms and livestock were affected by the flood- ing and the bank is prom inent in all manner of com- missions and bodies set up to assist victims. According to market re search carried out by the Dutch NIPO organization, after only two months the bank's new symbol is al- ready as well known in the Netherlands as the old one. Around 54 percent of the re- spondents said they recog- nized the symbol immedi- ately as Rabobank's new housestyle. ING had the highest recognition rating, scoring 78 percent. On January 18, Queen Beatrix minted the first of ficial NLG 50 piece to com- memorate the Netherlands liberation by the Allies 50 years ago. A total of 650,000 coins will be pro- duced of which 202,000 have been allocated to Rabobank.

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