Rabo Polska in business Poland: things are moving fast '4 Rabobank Workshops on the network Talk at the top Private banking on course Raboband INTERNATIONAL STAFF COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE FOR THE RABOBANK GROUP Issue 2 13 march 1995 March 1 marks the start of commercial activities at the bank's new Warsaw office.GM Henk Adams talks us through what the five-strong team is doing in the domestic market and what it can do for the interna tional network. with account managers so we set up the kind of sup port and services our network needs.' However, Adams also believes it is important to let people know what his team cannot do yet. 'A lot of enquiries and requests for information on establishing new bus iness ventures and on banking services have already come in,' he says. 'At present, we're not equipped to handle these efficiently because we simply don't yet have the necessary staff or a licence. But we're work- ing hard on establishing a support desk so that we should be able to offer this kind of assistance in the near future.' According to Adams, Poland and its former east- bloc neighbours should be seen as emerging markets. 'When I arrived, I had all kinds of preconceptions,' he says, 'but I found things were moving much faster and there are a lot more opportunities than I expect- ed.' At present, the Warsaw team is still in the pro- cess of orientation. Although no full licence has been obtained yet, it is already offering advice and consul tancy on corporate finance, investment banking and agri-project and trade finance. 'The first two especially could be very interesting,' Adams says, 'because a massive privatization program is ongoing. We'11 be monitoring that very closely.' Poland is the focus of a lot of foreign interest and actual investment, so Warsaw will be working closely with other international offices. Til be talking to our people in Germany, London, Milan and the Far East. Germany is especially important because a lot of in vestment comes from there. I want to get together Internationale new senior management team get together in a roundtable to discuss its structure and responsibilities. Page 3. An extensive series of workshops has been de- signed to inform staff at member banks in the Netherlands on exactly what the international network can offer them. Head of the international department, Maus Barendrecht, is currently a regular speaker at the day-long seminars on the bank's range of payments traffic products. While experts from the international product management team provide indepth information on specific areas, such as telebanking and treasury, Barendrecht's role is to offer member-bank personnel insight into how the foreign offices operate, what services and products they can supply, and how they can generally assist domestic clients in other areas, such as information. Targetted training pro grams for private bankers from the whole international network support the bank's push to become a prominent player in this important field. Page 4. Focused ad campaign Youcarïthumour mthem. You carït even draw our flag.f33 Still, rww you kriow the name ofourAAA-bank. Throughout the coming year.the bank will be promoting international name recognition through focused advertising in quality financial and business media. Page 4. S-:?r.«SSUl UUjlMAiMll

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