Germany Curacao Luxembourg London m The bank's new look will soon become a familiar sight on high streets around the Netherlands. But what does it mean for the foreign offices. Raboband 1 International asked around... Helmut Vortanz - private banking Efraim Mansana - operations Nadine Mathieu - manage ment secretary Robert Halcrow - W i syndications Arnold Kuijpers - general manager 'Personally, I love it. It's so very daring for a bank - no other bank in Germany has anything like it. We think it will be a real ice-breaker with clients. And we can use it to explain our mission as a bank because the partnership, quality and time for people elements are ali reflected in the symbol.' 'Ask me in a month. At the mo ment, we're still in the imple- mentation phase and we're hitting a lot of problems, so any positive effects are for the future. As I say,ask me in a month.' 'A lot of work, everything has to be changed. And I thought it was a shame all of the information, except for the manual, was in Dutch.We should have had it in English. I also think that people here haven't quite made the connection between the"Success through partnership"drive and the new logo - but time will change that. 'It's a hard question.l can seetheadvantagesforthe re- tail side, but I don't really think companies sit around admi- v ring their bank's logo.So, in a sense our house-style doesn't make much difference.On the other hand, it's almost like a relaunch of the bank.This will come in handy for Lon don branch as we celebrate our 1 Oth anniversary next year. 'As the newest addition to the network, our opening just about coincides with the new house-style launch. So we haven't had the costs some of the longer-established offices have had. I think there are two clear advantages in the new look. It is so different, it clearly distinguishes us from the com petition and shows we are relationship bankers, not simply deal-oriented. And I also think it's warm, which says a lot about us as an organization. It's great.' Raboband International Editorial Staff Stan Polman and Anne Lavelle (Editorial Department). Cees van Rest, Kim Egger and Frank Klemann. Editorial address Rabobank Nederland, Caroline Renette, editorial assistant,UC-R514P.O.Box 17100, NL 3500 HG Utrecht.Telephone+31 30 902083.Telefax+31 30 901904. Designed and printed by Hoonte-Holland, Utrecht

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