Implementation is one of the toughest new house-style. So an ingenious, designed to ease us through the implementation keep us on the right track for the future. At first sight, it rh look complex, but once you've got the hang of it, you'll find it's almost child's play. On the cards Workin Voortaan herkent u ons aan dit beeldmerk. Rabobank Every conceivable application of the house-style has been classified in related groups - everything from cheques to invoices, banners to paperclips, and seminar programs to neon signs. There are 18 categories altogether. 'Think of lego,' says design manager Polly van Raam, 'and you'll get the picture. It consists of a basic set of building blocks you can use to make a whole range of things - houses, trucks, farms. But you can also get additional sets to broaden your options.' The basic house-style set covers every-day, Standard needs, such as stationary, state ments, cheques, etc. It shows what you can and what you can- not do with the symbol and logo type, while leaving enough room for flexibility. The additional sets show how the house-style should be applied in more special circumstances. 'Imagine you're organizing a conference,' says Van Raam. 'Say it is called "Vision '95". You would probably want to put that slogan on all the material related to the conference, such as fol ders, memo pads and pens for participants. And you'll want a backdrop for the speakers. want a more neutral Rabobank-banner outside the venue to avoid overexposure of the slogan, and per- haps because you want to use it again for a different purpose. How to put it all together is included in the "lego" set designed specifically for ex- ternal meetings.' But the system also includes sets for such diverse applications as uniforms for sports teams, sponsoring, direct marketing, stands for trade fairs, you name it - they've got it. 'All you have to do is define exactly W what you want,' Van Raam says, 'and you'll find the answers in one or other of the sets. Admittedly, the system means you have to think about your needs in advance, but I doubt any- one will see that as a bad thing. And in the end you'll have exactly what they want.' The new house-style's building block structure makes it easytoim- plement. But one appli cation - the horizontal business card - stub- bornly frustrated the designers'efforts.What- ever they tried, the small cards looked overcrowd- ed and rather untidy - which is a far cry from the image the bank is trying to project. But do not despair - Rabobank Guernsey was there. The small team at the Guernsey office Raboband International 5

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