RABOBAND People 2 International In memoriam Jos van Boxel Euro-payment system in place Getting the F&A message across ISSUE 35/14 NOVEMBER 1994 On September 21, former Australia general manager Jos van Boxel passed away in New York following a short illness. At the time, Jos was based in New York while exploring the Canadian market for the bank. The following tribute comes from colleagues in Sydney. 'We were all extremely saddened by the loss,' writes Chris Abben- huis on behalf of 'staff. 'To lose a colleague like Jos, who was always so full of life and inten- sity, is difficult for all of us. We still cannot believe this has happen- ed. Jos made many per- sonal friends in bus iness and private life in the five years he and his family lived here and was highly regarded by the business commun- ity in both Australia ei and New Zealand. We have received numerous messages of condol- ence from clients, business contacts and acquain- tances - all of whom were deeply shocked by his sudden death. 'We remember Jos as a person who was very com- mitted to the job he took on. He did not hesitate to take initiative and get things moving. He could also operate modestly in the background and sup port other people's ideas as a very involved team member. His experience enabled him to manage and coach people in a very personal way. It was appreciated by all who knew him. Without his re- silience, we would have lost many opportunities. 'Our sympathy goes out to his wife, Tienie, and his son, Thijs, who will have to go on without Jos.' On behalf of the whole international division, Rik van Slingelandt joins Rabo Australia's staff in of fering condolences to the family. Jos's death is described as 'a real loss for our in ternational efforts'. Says Van Slingelandt: 'he was a pioneer, a man who was able and did develop markets single-handedly. He was a fine person and we will all miss him.' The bank has introduced a new system which will make inter-EU payments cheaper, faster and more simple. In future, inter-European pay ments will be charged at a fixed rate. The Standard cost of a pay- ment up to ECU 2,500 (or its equivalent) will be NLG 10 if sub- mitted electronically. Although the new Euro-payment is not an express transaction, the bank can even guarantee payment will be effected within six working days in those countries - Germany, Belgium, France and the UK - where it has strategie alliance partners. Incoming payments will also follow the same routing and charges have been kept to a minimum - NLG 7.50 per trans action. The advantages of a fixed-charge system are obvious in the sense that in the future, clients will know exactly how much they will have to pay for specific foreign transactions. Becoming a global food and agribusiness player is one of the bank's primary aims. By working in the market, Rabobank is achieving a growing reputation in this field. But a more proactive strategy is needed to get the bank's message across to potential clients. In the past few weeks, Rabobankers have been involved in a number of presentations at prominent trade fairs and congresses. Ahrend Heijbroek of the agribusiness research team provides a round up of recent activities. On October 19, Joost Verheijen gave an introduction to the Agra- Europe conference held in Lon- don for the dairy industry. Some 150 managers from major dairy companies worldwide then par- ticipated in the discussion initiat- Edinburgh Neil Gullan joins the Scottish office's corporate ban king section as senior manager. London The treasury department has been reinforced by forex senior dealers Tim Jones and Sachin Vazé. Director/senior manager John Cripps has been appointed to the M&A section of the corporate finance department with Simon Davies joining the structured finance section as as- sociate director. Secretary Sandra Staunton will be assisting the cor porate banking section. Andrew Stitson is the new deputy man ager in administration. The credit analysis team has been strengthen- ed by assistant manager Peter Dow. Taxation advisor Peter Hobbs joined the bank on Oc tober 3. All other appointments already effective. North America/Chicago Michael Butz joins the recently launched office as account manager, vice president. He gained his banking experience with Citicorp, North America and The First National Bank of Chicago after receiving a bachelor's degree in agriculture from the University of Illinois. New York Stable value products manager and vice president Joseph Brickner came to the treasury de partment from Chemical Bank, Lynch, Jones Ryan and The Equitable Financial Companies. He gained his MS in Science, Bus iness Administration, at the Robert Morris College in Pittsburgh. ed by Rabobank on changing market circumstances in the global industry. Two days later, the bank's GM in France, Oet Bakker, made a presentation to the Eurofruit Congress in Paris. He linked data from the recently published studies on the world fruit and retail markets. The lat- ter shows concentrations in the larger retail chains and Bakker outlined the implications of this trend for the fruit industry. Re- sponses from participants were extremely positive and the Rabo bank stand was busy as the bank reinforced its commitment to the fruit trade in the wake of our own international congress last spring. Rabobank was also active in Germany. Hans Winkelmolen, senior account manager in Frankfurt was invited to make a presentation on the global seen business to the Deutsche Saat- veredlung's congress on this in dustry. Wholesalers, retailers and press attended giving the bank a real opportunity to demonstrate its expertise in this field. De Lage Landen in New York DLL has located senior sales officer/vice president Richard Gamble at Rabobank's New York office. He will establish a Dutch desk at the bank which should be operational by the end of this year. Gamble was formerly senior ac count manager at De Lage Lan den Factors in Tunbridge Wells, UK. Utrecht/Marketing Services Sec- retary/project assistant Shirani Zaat joined the department from Rabofacet. Sjef Eurelings left marketing services and he is suc- ceeded by Maarten Giezeman. Formerly with retail banking mar keting in Eindhoven, Giezeman became marketing manager effec tive International Editorial staff Stan Polman and Anne Lavelle (Editorial Department). Cees van Rest, Kim Egger and Frank Klemann. Editorial address Rabobank Nederland, Caroline Renette, editorial assistant, UC-R 514 P.O. 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