London Spectade National National SOUND-BITES SOUND-BITES 6 International Kees - computer department: Jan - credit control Hans - documentary payments department, Rotterdam Bart - off-balance administration Timo - Rotterdam office Robert - payments info service Karin - money markets back office Eric - payments info service Carolina - corporale relations Johan - financial markets Ton - production help desk 'There's been no expense spared to get the message across and that gives me a bit of an odd feel- ing. We've just been through a whole reoganization and every- one is talking about cutting costs all the time, so it seems strange to have an event like this at this time...' 'This is pretty unique. I thought it was going to be about the Strategie Action Plan, but this is great...' '1 think the general attitude in the bank was anything but client- oriented, and those people who were tended to leave because their approach didn't fit. Now we really need people like that. I'm optimistic - partly because I work in Rotterdam and we have a very clear cliënt focus anyway- but I also think it will be hard to change mentalities, especially of older people...' 'The rumour was CBS was going to become a separate entity with- in the group. That would be great because then we could really position ourselves as wholesale bank in the market...' 'The music was great...' ISSUE 34/17 OCTOBER 1994 Simon Jones House-style designer does the business The London branch clearly put a lot of work into making the presentation a hit. GM Gijs van der Schrieck opened the show with a hint of what was to come before Jones talked staff through the step-by-step process of designing a new house- style. Says Pamela Green: 'When you hear what goes into de- veloping something of this kind, it really comes alive. Per- sonally, I always liked the existing logo and I think people must have been wondering why we're changing. After Simon Jones' presentation, we all understand it and we'd be able to explain it to any cliënt who asked.' It had been decided to split the video film specially made for the foreign offices into three sections. The first part on pos- itioning rounded off Jones' talk on the new visual client- orientation and quality focus and led neaüy into Bob Cooper's presentation of a client's needs and expectations. F&A chief Ab Gillhaus had been volunteered to explain his require- ments as 'internal cliënt' and he put his message across with a lot of humour, getting a real laugh when he admitted the Dutch way isn't always the best for everyone: 'English people tend to qualify as rude what we call an "honest and clear attitude, based on mutual respect". But the English way, the sophisticated, maybe better way, will do nicely, thank you.' Real gratitude was also on the agenda for security supervisor John Clarke. He was the recipiënt of a new Client Service Award inaugurated to mark the start of the branch's quality drive. His nomination had been unanimous and he was 'sur- prised, but delighted' to have made such an impact on his 'clients' throughout the building. Rik van Slingelandt's film- ed talk took staff into the signing of mission statements - people from each floor of the building endorsed the pos ters, which will be framed and hung as a constant reminder of what the bank wants to be. 'Management should keep us more informed, so this is great...' 'The presentation was great but it was tough for me to come to- night because we've just heard we're going to lose half our col leagues. Oh yes, almost all of them are here, even though they're not feeling particularly happy at the moment. They've stifl come...' 'I've only worked here two months, so I haven't had time to really get into it all. Is there such a thing as a Rabo-feeling...?' All the foreign offices used an individual approach to the kick-off presentation, but London's proved spectacular. Twin giant sereens were brought in to show the video, Simon Jones, the new house-style's designer, dropped by to explain the thinking and concepts behind the bank's changing visual image, and Whitbread's treasurer Bob Cooper was there to teil the branch's staff what he, as a dient, expected from them. The overall result was 'a very, very slick event.' 'I thought it would be about the new drive towards client-orien- tation because we've already been working on that a lot in our division. We've done things like making sure the phones are al ways covered, even at lunch time, so there's always someone there to take clients' calls...' 'What can I say- I've had a won- derful time...' 'It was pretty impressive, but it's still only a slogan. What we've got to do now is make it hap pen...'

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