Serious issues for the luture Clients on banks... Rabobank: ...AND ON 3 International ISSUE 34/17 OCTOBER 1994 The mission statement tells us where we want to go. In his role as chair of the Central Banking Sector's management committee. Rik van Slingelandt explains why we have to get there. 'For some time now, the CBS has been engaged in a project called "As good as the best". This initiative was based on the notion that we wanted to be in the wholesale market as a top bank, and if we were to achieve that, we were going to have to make some real changes to the way we operate. Everyone knows about the project, but they tend to see it solely in terms of cost-efficiency and effectiveness. But that's not the whole story. There is other aspect, and equally important aspect - quality, and that is what the kick-off meeting was all about. 'We cannot achieve the goals we have laid down in the mis sion statement, without putting a lot of energy and commit- ment into improving the quality of service to our clients. What we have to be aware of is that in the end the cliënt pays all of our salaries. So, we have to put the cliënt fïrst at all times and give him the kind of top class service we expect ourselves. You know, the ten points we have formulated to promote customer satisfaction are not that difficult to put into prac- tice, and if we all apply them to everything we do, if we all adhere to them at all times, then we'il automatically have a super bank. 'At present, we are not as good as we could be. We're still a bank that is too focused on the division structure. This is his torica!, of course, but what you see is that there is still a lot of infighting between divisions and ridiculous things like inter- departmental invoices for NLG 25 going back and forth. We've really got to get rid of practices like that and create an operation in which everyone sees the same objective, which is to become a top wholesale bank based on mutually pro- fitable relationships with our clients. 'The kick-off meeting was only the start. It was organized to bring the people who are the CBS together - for the first time ever. We've been scattered over buildings, and the aim was to regroup here and get to know each other better. Because unless we are committed to working with each other, we won't be able to realize our potential to create the kind of solid, client-oriented, quality bank that customers come back to time and again, saying: you people work superbly...' 'I hate bankers who come in and say: "What can we do for you?" I've always wanted to reply: "Nothing at all. Good-bye..."' 'We've introduced an annual evaluation of our bankers and it's based not only on performance in that specifk year. It's cumulat- ive, so they have to be good, not only this week or this month, but consistently...' 'Transactions which may be everyday events for a bank can be major projects for a cus tomer. The customer can't al ways react like a bank...' 'You don't learn about a com- pany by reading annual reports or quarterly statements. The only way to gain real insight is to come by and see us regularly and get to know our people...' 'Your bank has to think with you and come up with useful ideas, share the good times and the bad - it's like a marriage...' 'A bank should be willing to in- vest time with us in understand- ing and helping to resolve our financing problems...' 'The bank should listen to what we say...' 'Relationship banking can pro vide substantial economie bene fit to both cliënt and bank...' 'Don't try to be everything to everyone...' 'Rabobank's innovation tempo is too slow...' 'You could be more proactive...' 'I see Rabobank as a growing puppy, it's all there, but it's not yet mature...' 'You could do more on the image you project...' 'We're in contact with a few ac count managers who have really taken the trouble to get to know us, and that's what we need...' 'There's a lot of room for im- provement...' An Indonesian dientDr Siswanto Sudomo of Prima Comexindo, wants the same things all clients want- flexibility and efficiency. 'In terms of relationship man agement, Rabobank does it bet ter than most banks...' 'The activities of a single foreign branch can't achieve Triple-A status for the whole bank, but lack of activity by a single foreign branch can certainly make the whole bank lose it...' 'Do communicate core com petenties...'

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