Jakarta commitment 2 International Hungary - details make all the differente Kick-off Italian style Sydney celebrates The signed mission statement already hangs in the Budapest office's reception where the three-person team will see it every day and be reminded of what they aim to achieve in Hungary. lts location also means dients know what the bank is about and can monitor its commitment to improved quality and service. 'We're such a small operation,' says GM Henk Leliveld, 'we de- cided to organize something that suited our situation. We hired a conference room in the business complex here and before our partners arrived for the dinner we'd arranged at a new Indian restaurant in the city, we watched the video and then got down to discussing what we could do to improve quality.' Henk, Dominique and Eszter focused on detail. All agreed that's where you have to start. Leliveld: 'What we talked about was, say, speeding up our res ponse to phone calls from clients. We all know how it goes - you come in and there's a mes sage on your desk. Instead of cal- ling back right away, you put it off. We all decided that had to change.' Another point was ad- mitting mistakes. 'If you make a mistake,' Leliveld continues, 'whether it concerns a cliënt or a co-worker, then admit it. Don't make excuses. Call them, apolo- gise, try to compensate any nega- tive consequences as quickly as possible, and do everything in your power to limit the damage.' According to the three Raboban- kers in Budapest, their discus sion wasn't anything dramatic, just small details, but every little bit helps to improve the quality of service to clients. ISSUE 34/17 OCTOBER 1994 A new symbol, a new house-style, a new approach based on tried and tested values - this was the feeling of the staff of the bank's Indonesian joint ventures, Rabobank Duta and Rabo Finance, after they committed themselves to the mission statement. Operations manager Victor den Hoedt reports. Staffin Indonesia confirm their support for the mission statement. At 6pm local time, the whole staff was gathered at the new Fi nancial Club in the heart of Jakarta's business centre. We had hired space on the 28th floor and kicked off to a magnificent view over the rapidly expanding city of over eight million people, where construction seems to be ongoing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You couldn't help feeling Jakarta was actually getting ready for Rabobank's new approach. Although we were impressed by the video, and were interest- ed to hear what a Dutch cliënt expects from CBS as a whole, most staff were looking forward to the local part of the even- ing. We had invited Dr Siswanto Sudomo, director of Prima Comexindo, one of the most respected and innovative com- panies in Indonesia. This man is razor-sharp and we knew we weren't going to be in for an easy time. Active in agri and commodity trade, he made crystal dear what his company ex- pected from Rabobank, and he pulled no punches. Quality and tailor-made solutions for problems, competitive pricing, creativity, mutual understanding and a long-term relation- ship were only part of it. He also needs us to respond and act quickly and, last but not least, to show him we are a flexible and highly efficiënt worldwide network. This is a cliënt who offers challenging and ever-changing deals, good profits and who will only be satisfied when he gets the best out of his part nership with Rabobank. Here in Jakarta, we see our job as making sure he gets it and that the same applies to each and every one of our clients. There's a real sense of commitment here at the bank and people are thrilled to have our mission defined so clearly. All we've got to do now is get on with it. The 15 staff at Rabofin Italia got together for a lunch presentation, inviting Gerrit Schipper of De Lage Landen in Turin as their combined internal and external cliënt. There's still a lingering hint of paint in Rabofin's brand new premises and according to staff, the new house-style and logo have been specially designed to coincide with their move and up grading to branch office. 'Only joking, of course,' laughs Rober- to de Cardona, 'but it is timely.' Rabofin opted to have the kick- off meeting at lunch time be- cause in Milan business hours are until 19.30, and they didn't want the phones left unmanned. Invit ing an external corporate cliënt wouldn'thave been appropriate as the new offices are not quite ready, but DLL's Schipper was willing to make the trip to Milan to talk to staff. 'Although DLL is part of the Rabobank group,' says De Cardona, 'it is treated as an external cliënt. So Gerrit Schipper's input was very useful for us.' Schipper outlined his ex- perience with Rabofin and other Italian banks, confirming that the Milan staff were doing a good job, as far as DLL is concerned. 'But,' adds De Cardona, 'we can always do better.' The kick-off meeting had special significance for the Sydney office as staff awaited the outcome of negotiations to acquire the Pri- mary Industry Bank of Australia. This take-over will give Rabo bank a solid foothold in a region where food and agribusiness is a major growth market. PIBA be- came part of Rabobank officially on October 5.

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