RABOBAND People 2 International Former executive board chairman Schreve départs Deadline diary Agn-project progress Atlas online ISSUE 28/25 APRIL 1994 After three years with the bank as executive board member and chairman of the CBS management committee, Frank Schreve announced he would be leaving Rabobank to chair the Dutch textile group, Nijverdal-Ten Cate. He explains the motivation behind his move. Raboband International wants to keep you fully inform- ed on developments within the international division. To do this, we need your help. If you have any items you think may be interesting for other Rabobankers, please send them to us at UC-R 514. We work to strict deadlines and those for the coming year are listed below. Issue Deadline May June July August September October November December 29 April 28 May 1 July 30 July 26 August 25 September 24 October 20 November lending.' A case in point is the recent participation the APFT undertook at the request of the New York office for one of its CAM clients. 'The International Paper Company wanted financ- ing for a project in Poland,' ex plains Streefkerk, 'IPC wanted to acquire a paper mill there to sup- ply the Central-European mar- ket and also the high-quality market in Western Europe. The loan required to finance a project like this is a seven-year deal, so normally Rabobank wouldn't be able to accommo- date the cliënt. However, they passed it on to us, we looked at it, and agreed to join a syndicate headed up by JP Morgan. This is the first time we've been able to do a CAM deal like this, but it won't be the last.' International Editorial staff Stan Polman and Anne Lavelle (Editorial Department). Cees van Rest and Brigitte van Kanten (International Division). Editorial address Rabobank Nederland, Caroline Renette, editorial assistant, UC-R 514 P.O. Box 17100, NL 3500 HG Utrecht, Telephone +31 30 902083, Telefax +31 30 901904. Designed and printed by Hoonte- Holland, Utrecht. 'Three years seems a very short period to be involved with an or- ganization,' he says, 'but you know I've actually done what I set out to do when I joined the bank three years ago. My job was to develop the Central Banking Sector (CBS) into a more prof- itable entity. Our market pos- ition had to be made stronger both at home and abroad, and the CBS's role and place within the whole organization had to be defined. 'All those things have happen- ed,' Schreve states, 'and I think you'11 find the figures speak for themselves. The CBS is solid, and has shown real improve- ment. In the three years I have been responsible for it, profita- bility has doubled and in terms of market share, we have seen growth of some percentage points.' Frank Schreve came to the bank from industry following a career that took him to the US qnd to many European countries. 'When I perceived my task as chairman of the management committee as completed, I be- gan asking myself what next. Although I looked at possibil- ities within the organization, I also looked outside. At some point, I had to ask myself if I was a banker in heart and soul. My conclusion was that I'm really more an entrepreneur than a banker. I also realized that I en- joy managing the management of a company or organization. I like to be responsible and to be able to make my own mark on it. These are the two reasons I de- cided to accept the chairman- ship offered to me by Nijverdal- Ten Cate.' From May 1, Schreve will be working with the bank from the other side of the table. 'It will be an interesting experience,' he says, 'because now I'll be dealing with the bank equipped with a lot more knowledge than before, and I think it will come in very useful. I've become a lot wiser in the past three years...' In November last year, the CBS management committee gave the go-ahead for the agri-project finance team's medium term policy plan which has created the basis on which the APFT can expand into this international market. 'The approval of the policy plan was an important step in our de- velopment,' says Niek Streefkerk of the APFT, 'because it not only defined our goals and organiz ation, but also gave us an inde pendent risk allowance. In turn, this means we can now finance projects that would normally fall outside the scope of the bank's Germany Former Hong-Kong GM Anton Nillesen moves to Frankfurt where he will become part of the bank's three-man management team. His appoint- ment is effective June 1. Hong Kong Roelf Hagoort has been appointed deputy GM of the Hong Kong office. He takes up his new appointment on June 10. The Atlas system (Internet) has been installed success- fully in the Madrid office of Popular Rabobank. Further implementations are planned for Dublin and Singapore in the near future. In next month's issue, Sjaak Ver schoor explains the hows and whys of the new system. Roger Bradshaw (photo) will move from the structured finance department to the agri-project finance team in Hong Kong on May 10. Utrecht Tom van der Weijden, international advisory team leader Eurodesk, takes up a new position in the corporate bank ing division where he will be ac count manager commercial ser vices and transport. Singapore Current head of treas- ury, Theo van Koningsveld (photo), relocates back to Utrecht where he will take up the position of chief money markets and For Ex department. He is succeeded in Singapore by Karei Lankenau, formerly head of treasury at the ABN-Amro's Hong Kong office.

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