Fruit lor thought Sydney celebration Holland Staff communication magazine for the Rabo 10 percent growth for Rabobank Looking ahead Van Slingelandt appointed CBS board chairman in BRIEF Dedine in crime Rabo Top 40 hits the roaa TV award for De Lage Landen Dutch Rail (NS) chooses Rabobank as housebanker ISSUE 27/21 MARCH 1994 The 1993 results show the bank has produced a consider- able improvement in perform ance over the past year. More figures on page 4. Tunisia will be the focus of a so-called 'country day' in Utrecht on April 7. Rabobank Utrecht hosts an informative presentation on Poland in cooperation with EuroPartenariat on April 15. Chairman Herman Wijffels will officially open the new Curacao office in May. Raibo do Brasil celebrates 5 years of operations on May 10. The agri-trade account managers meeting has been slated for 11 September. GM Chris Abbenhuis describes the opening festivities as an un- qualified success. 'A new bank is something of a rarity here at the moment,' he says. 'In the late 1980s, Australia was hard hit by recession and a lot of the foreign banks which had started up here in 1986/87 pulled out. I believe we are the first foreign bank to set up merchant bank activities for quite a few years, so we were assured of a lot of attention.' Around 150 clients, prospects, bankers and government offi cials attended the opening cel- ebrations. This type of event is an excellent opportunity to de- monstrate respect for the coun try the bank will be operating in. Australia is now on its way out of recession. 'The country is really moving,' confirms Abbenhuis, 'there's clear, increased econ omie growth, we're seeing real im- provements in consumer confi- dence and more investment. But as a bank, we've always been op- timistic about the food and agri- business sector here. It repre- sents a large part of the Austra- lian economy, and exports to the The World Fruit Conference held in Rotterdam on March 10 proved a truly global affair. See page 3. The new Australian merchant bank operation was launched officially in February and attracted considerable interest from the commercial, banking and ministerial communities in both Melbourne and Sydney. International division chief Rik van Slingelandt took over from Frank Schreve as CBS board chairman on March 1. On his new responsibilities, Van Slingelandt says his aim is to 'further the goals of the board. These are the creation of a strong and entrepeneurial environment for a harmonious development of the bank's wholesale activities.' In 1993, the number of robberies at Dutch banks feil by 13.7 per cent. Rabobank did even better with a no less than a 33.6 percent fall in robberies fforn 131 in 1992 to 86 last year. The success of the Rabobank sponsored weekly radio Top 40 program has led to the introduc- tion of a Rabo Roadshow. From May, member banks can book the show which offers four hours of entertainment. Although aimed primarily at teenyboppers (12 to 18-year olds), the show also includes music and games for every age group. rest of South-east Asia are con- tinuing to grow rapidly. So we came in cautiously but solidly, for which Jos van Boxel deserves great credit, and now we're ready to bring the full range of Rabo bank products to this extremely exciting market.' Over the past few months, the bank has expanded its staff from the initial three that worked in the Sydney rep office to the cur- rent ten. The new personnel cover increased account man agement activity, treasury and structured trade finance. David De Carli and Lisa Evans are in account management. Mike O'Connell he das up Structured Trade Finance and Andrew Quoyle is our Treasurer. David Owen heads our Operations and also Director of our entity. Apart from David we have Terry Thompson and Lorna Clark in our Operations group. Last but not least our two secretaries, Grace Versace and Lyn Kierulf. In the coming months we will see some additional staff coming on board in trde finance, account management and treasury. A TV commercial earned De Lage Landen a bronze medal from the 1993 International Television and Cinema Advertis- ing Award Competition held in New York. The bank has signed an in-house bank contract with the Dutch railways which was privatized at the beginning of this year. The NS now comprises a group of independent companies with special responsibilities, ie. pas senger services and freight trans port. Rabobank will be provid- ing banking services to the whole group.

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