Rabobank at VIV Asia Holland in BRIEF Staff communication magazine for the Rabob Looking back on 1993 Budget 1994 Sydney Shift Eastern European cooperation Looking ahead Leading emission Less employment (ommerical call Rabobank's Signature ISSUE 24/13 DECEMBER 1993 The intensive livestock sector is a clear growth industry in South- east Asia so it is not surprising that Thailand's capital, Bangkok, played host to an international exhibition and seminar at the end of November. As top food and agribusiness bank, Rabo bank was there to present two major studies, on the pig and poultry sectors. We review the past year month by month. See page 4. International division General Manager Rik van Slingelandt looks back on 'a very good year' and discusses the 1994 budgets - 'we're going to have to work like the devil to come to grips with them'. The Sydney office has moved to new premises: Rabo Australia Ltd., Level 10, Challis House, 4 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel.: 02-2239999 (general); 02-2310000 (treasury) Telefax: 02-2310007. Managers from cooperative banks in Russia, Rumania, Hungary, Poland and Czechia arrivé in the Netherlands to participate in a three-week Management Development and Banking Skills training course offered to them by Rabobank. The course is designed to give the bankers theoretical and practical insight into how the cooperative system works in the Netherlands. Executive board member Henk Visser will speak at the 'World Fruit Conference 1994' to be held in Rotterdam in March and which is co-hosted by the Rotterdam Municipal Port Management and Rabobank. VIV Asia was co-organized by the Utrecht-based Jaarbeurs and Bangkok's Queen Sirikit conven tion centres and attracted exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. It was also an ideal moment to announce Rabobank's expansion plans in the region as the executive board has recently approved the open ing of an office in the Thai capital and further activities in Malaysia. Cor Broekhuyse addressed the seminar organized by Rabobank, providing an indepth overview of the world poultry market. He explained there has been a rapid increase in the consumption of poultry meat, both in the deve- loped and developing world over the past seven years. 'consump tion has increased 35 percent,' he said, 'and it has increased at the expense of pork and beef.' Basing this information on a recent Rabobank study, Broek huyse indicated five reasons for the growth in the sector. 'First, it is relatively cheap in comparison to other meats. Second, poultry has benefitted from a switch by the health-conscious consumer away from red meat. Third, the range and availability of chicken products has increased and they are increasingly convenient. The fourth reason is this type of meat's good organoleptic quali- ties. Finally, the industry has achieved success with marketing programs which have effected a change in tastes.' Over 100 representatives from the worldwide sector attended the seminar and many more visited Rabobank's reception, during which Rik van Slinge landt officially presented the first copies of Rabobank's latest reports on Intensive Livestock Production to the Dutch Minis ter of Agriculture, Piet Bukman, and to a senior official of the Thai Ministry of Agriculture. During the four-day fair some 300 business people visited Rabobank's prominent stand in this modern exhibition complex. Both Rabobank's participation in the trade fair and the or- ganization of the seminar and the reception was coordinated from Utrecht by Marketing Services. Rabobank will be lead-managing loan emissions for two major companies - Eurofima and Aegon. Eurofima, the fmance company of the combined European railways, is borrowing NLG 400 million on the Dutch capital market while insurer Aegon is looking for NLG 350 million. At the end of 1994, the number of jobs at Rabobank in the Netherlands will have been re- duced by 2,800. This has been made possible by an efficiency program at member banks and through central processing of various transactions. Rabobank clients can get infor mation on their current account bank balances by calling a spe cial number, a so-called 06 in formation number. Over 4 mil lion clients have been allocated entry codes to the system and with around 300,000 calls per week, the Rabobank number is the most-dialed service in the Netherlands. Staff and managers in the Netherlands should be talking about Rabobank's style of bank ing this month. All 42,000 of them have received a brochure which is designed to stimulate and encourage discussion on the bank's norms and values when it comes to doing business. Raboban

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