As good as the best Fruit for thought Looking ahead Secret Service II Rabobank plays host to German dairy sector Holland in brief CD Staff communication magazine for the Rabobank Group Rabobank's central banking division is currently in the pro- cess of improving efficiency and the quaiity of its service in order to meet targets established by the Strategie Action Plan. The how and why are reported on page 3. 1994 is Rabobank's 'Year of Fruit'. The indepth research re- ports on fresh and processed fruits designed as marketing and back-up tools for account managers are now available from the marketing services de- partment, telephone: +31 30 902804. Utrecht hosts a corporate fi- nance seminar on October 6 to 8. The seminar brings together Rabobankers from all over the world to discuss products and internationalization. Two 'country' days have been organized in Utrecht for mem- ber banks' clients. The aim is to inform clients on the oppor- tunities available in specific countries. The focus was on Italy on October 13, while Spain is covered on October 19. 'Invest in Britain' is the title given to a seminar organized by the bank in cooperation with the British Embassy. It takes place on October 28. Reports wiil be appear in the next issue of Raboband Inter national. see page 4 Recently, more than 35 top managers of the main German dairy companies responded to an invitation from Rabobank Deutschland to attend a unique seminar on strategy development in the industry in Germany. The prime movers behind the seminar were Manfred Biehal and Frank Epple of the bank's Stuttgart office. They had estab lished contacts with professor Werner Grosskopf of the Univer- sity of Flohenheim, Germany's leading argicultural educational institution and together the two organizations developed the seminar program. 'I think the fact that Hohenheim was involved was significant for the seminar's success,' says Kim Egger of Marketing Services which assisted in the project's organization together with Flans Reusch of Agribusiness Re search. 'Rabobank is a relative newcomer in Germany and the support of a well-known and re- spected institution like Flohen heim was probably instrumental in attracting such a large number of executives in the industry.' The two-day seminar focussed on two main issues - future strategy in the dairy industry and the packaging problem. At present, there are few big players in this sector; it is still dominated by me- dium-sized operators. 25.6 mil- lion tonnes of milk are proces sed annually by 260 German companies. If the Netherlands is taken at comparison, these figures are 10.4 million tonnes by 22 companies. In other words, the average intake per company is 74,000 tonnes in Germany and 474,000 in the Netherlands. Fiowever, there is already a clear trend towards upscaling and companies are now in the pro- cess of determining future de velopment strategies. Lively discussion was generated by a group of speakers which in- cluded Rabobank's Flenk Visser, Cor Broekhuyse and Albert Sonntag. Perhaps the hottest de- bate emerged during the second day of the seminar when packag ing was the focus. New German legislation developed over the past years has led to a minor re- Continued on page 2. CDs for savers Since time out of mind, October has been Rabobank's 'savings month'. Numerous local member banks reward loyal savers with small gifts. This year, around 140,000 clients received com pact discs under the slogan 'Getting the savings rhythm'. Parental opportunity For the past 16 years, Rabobank has supported the charitable work of the Foster Parents Plan organization, which recruits adoptive parents for children in developing countries. On Octo ber 22, Dutch television wiil be broadcasting a whole evening's entertainment in an attempt to recruit even more 'parents'. Post party Recently, the bank's inhouse postal service celebrated its silver anniver- sary. For the past 25 years, cars have collected and delivered mail to all local member banks twice daily. As electronic distri- bution is used increasingly, this service wiil probably be reduced to once a day in the near future. Prize in print A good idea earned two Rabobankers NLG 25,000. They came up with a plan to re-ink the printer ribbons used in cash dispensers. The 'ideas committee' made the award because it wiil save the bank NLG 500,000 every year. The bank goes pop Hol land has a new commercial tv channel - RTL5. Rabobank is amongthe sponsors and wiil be the name behind a program called the Rabo Top 40 (they're pop songs, of course, not agri business targets). The program wiil also provide information on banking services aimed at young people with the aim of im proving Rabobank's image with the teen generation. GOT A VIRUS ALREADY SECURITY IS YOUR RESPONS1BIUTY

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