lt s official ALCO operational Private talk Down under on top Germany hosts chairman's farewell Meijer appointed new chairman In conference Staff communication magazine for the Rabobank Groun The Rabobank office in Zu- rich has gained a banking li- cence from the Swiss author- ities. Originally established as a so-called 'banklike finance com- pany', the Zurich operation will now change its name to Rabo bank Switzerland Ltd. 'There are two prime advantages,' says GM Hoyte Sillevis Smitt. 'One is thatthe private banking market will now perceive us as a fully-fledged bank - our capi- tal is SFr 23 million - and, sec- ondly, we will be subject to the stringent regulations of the fed- eral banking commission in Bern, emphasizing our profile as Swiss private banking institu- tion. It's a great development.' Following six months of re search and discussions by the international Asset and Liability Management project team, a streamlined and fine-tuned ap- proach has now been devel- oped for this important concept. 'The aim was to provide man agers with a tooi which would help them improve perform ance,' says Mario Latufo, the team's secretary. The first phase was put into practice in early June when a group of GMs at- tended a 1.5 day course given by external advisor Jason Cavanagh of DC Gardiner who will also provide a day-long course for treasury managers at the end of this month. At the end of May, the Zu rich office welcomed private Rabobankers from London, Luxembourg, Guernsey and Frankfurt to establish more firmly the networking practices essential in this area. 'It was the first of what I hope will be regular meetings between us,' says Luxembourg GM Jean-Pierre van Keymeulen. High on the IPB's agenda was the basic definition of the private banking concept. 'Once you're all talk- ing about the same thing,says Sillevis Smitt of Zurich, 'then you can really get down to pas sing the ball.' The Sydney office is ready for growth now its status has officially been upgrade. GM Jos van Boxel expiains. See page 2. Van Verschuer (seated, second left) and the board in Frankfurt. Baron Otto van Verschuer chaired his final supervisory board meeting on June 3, but not in his usual surroundings. He had expressed a wish to pay his respects at the Raiffei- sen monument and Rabobank Germany was happy to oblige. You could say Van Verschuer (65) grew up with Rabobank. His father was chairman of a member bank and Van Verschuer describes his tenure in the same position as 'one of the most attractive jobs you can do. In that role, you can do somet- hing for the community where you live and work. It's very gra- tifying.' Rabobank Germany were equally gratified when they heard of Van Verschuer's wish to visit the Raiffeisen monu ment.'We immediately offered to host the supervisory board's meeting and arrange both the visit and the farewell dinner held in the Baron's honour,' says general manager Albert Sonntag.'Before the meeting, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on our office and the board members were abie to see how we operate here in Frankfurt. I think everyone would agree that the whole day was an unquaiified success.' Following Baron van Ver schuer's retirement, former secretary of state for Culture, Recreation and Social Work Wim Meijer (53) has been named as Rabobank supervis ory board chairman. The new board chairman sees his appointment as a continu- ation of his previous career. Fol lowing a 10-year period as a social worker, he was elected to the Netherlands' Second Chamber in 1973. 'In both jobs,' he says, 'a sense of re- sponsibility for each other is paramount. And though the cir- cumstances that generated the cooperative movement more than a century ago have changed drastically, the principle is still valid today, in 1993.' On the development of Rabo bank as an international finan- cial institution, he believes 'thatthe organization made the right move when it began estab- lishing offices worldwide and entering into strategie alliances with equal European partners. This is the kind of structure you need in today's world when so many of your domestic clients are increasingly international in their operations.' When Meijer was invited to join the board, he was Queen's Commissioner for the province of Drenthe. 'I truly enjoyed my The 1993 general managers meeting (GMC) took place from June 7 to 11. GMs from all of the bank's offices and new ap- pointees were present at the conference in Utrecht. See pages 2 and 3 for more information. job as commissioner,' he says, 'but I see this opportunity as a real challenge. I believe that you have to fight for your per- sonal development and growth at every stage in your life. And l'm more than motivated to take up this challenge.' Meijer - ready to meet new chalienges.

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