The bottom line Belgium introducés off-balance products USA banking boost Foreign office focus Russian ties Giving credit its due Fruitful finance London calling Staff communication magazine for the Rabobank Group Worldwide, 39,510 Rabo bank employees input their energy, expertise and dedi- cation to make the bank profitable and further build on its growth. On March 5, the bank's results were announced and showjust how successful they have been. As the annual report is publish- ed, we look at the bottom line. See page 4. Rabobank's Antwerp office began off-balance sheet prod uct trading in mid-February as part of the bank's ongoing plans to expand its treasury de- partment. Rabobank Belgium already works in the spot, for- ward and currency markets, and will be looking at options at some time in the future. Rabobank North America's corporate banking activities are to be expanded in the near future following the recruitment of two new staff members. The US operation aims to caputre a larger corporate banking mar- ket share. See People on page 2. In the first of a new series, Raboband International profiles Rabobank Belgium's activities on the food and agribusiness and corporate markets. See page 3. Member-bank Huizen played host to a group of 21 Russian bankers on a fact-findingtrip to explore the cooperative sys- tem. The Russian visitors were greatly surprised at the level of automation used in retail bank ing and at the range of products on offer to clients. Their Dutch hosts were equally surprised, but their amazement had more to do with the fact that 18 of their Russian colleagues were women. The lady bankers said they would be taking home the presentation Rabobank neck- ties for their husbands. A group of general managers from Rabobank offices all over the world gathered in Utrecht recently to attend a pilot course on credit analysis and applications. The aim is to structure and develop a tailored course for account managers and credit ana- lysts worldwide to introducé a more consistent and uniform ap- proach to credit applications based on the strategie policy of 'quality before growth' concept. 'All-round,' says Rabobank Duta's general manager Henk Adams, 'I think it has been a positive experience in two ways. Not only does a course of this kind give you a chance to discuss how we approach credit applications with people from other offices, it also allows you to define a procedure for making these applications which will result in sharper risk and financial analysis and en- sure their speedy and efficiënt handling by the credit commit- tees.' The course has been designed specifically for the bank by ex- ternal advisor Ann Walters in cooperation with Rabobankers. 'We first identified the bank's training needs, the subjects that should be covered and the course objectives,' says Wal ters. 'Then we put together the pilot structure we've used this week.' Following evaluation and stream- lining, the course will be taken over by the Training Depart ment in Utrecht which will then organize around eight week- long sessions over the next year for groups of 15 parti- cipants from the foreign of fices. The agri-project finance team (APFT) and the Washing- ton-based International Finance Corporation (IFC) have agreed to finance a $16-million joint loan to fund a major new bana- na plantation in Indonesia. From the Rabobank's perspec- tive, a co-financing project of primary produce outside its domestic market is rather un- usual, but the bank's credit committee agreed to the loan in view of the strength of the partners involved in the deal - the Indonesian Gunung Sewu Group and Del Monte. See page 2 for more details. A group of general man agers from the largest Rabo- banks in the Netherlands were invited to London last month to experience at first hand the operations of both a foreign of fice and a strategie alliance partner. The visit was co-organized by the International Division as part of its policy of emphasizing the various facilities on offer to member banks from Rabobank offices and strategie alliances overseas. At Rabobank London, Cora Gelbstein of the Dutch Desk outlined how her office could provide assistance and support to member banks. Stuart Cracker, who has justjoined the bank to establish a new Private Banking Division, explained how London is planning to carve out its own specific niche in this market. The target group will be the top of the high net-worth in dividuals sector who are looking for professional portfolio man agement by a solid and repu- table bank. The member-bank general managers also heard presentations from alliance partner Lloyds Bank and con- tacts were established for a series of informative meetings and cliënt visits in the Nether lands later this year. Issue 16/March 22,1993

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