DLL and Rabobank hand in hand Luxembourg moves Curagao, banking in the Caribbean Looking back to the year 1990 I N T E R N A T I N A L Flowers for Charles Ru ijs as Rabobank Duta starts in Jakarta New Executive Board Member ADCA-BANK in the former GDR Arm around the shoulder not al- ways appreciated Staff communication magazine The financial services com- pany De Lage Landen is also becoming increasingly active outside the Netherlands. Often together with Rabobank. 'Our products are striking enough to stand out internationally.' An in terview with DLL's Managing DirectorTon Toebosch. Page 8. The rapid and continual growth of Rabobank Luxem bourg SA made it necessary to move to new premises, only two years after its establishment in Luxembourg. The staff has grown in numbers from three in 1988, when Rabobank Luxem bourg was opened, to eighteen at present. Rabobank's oldest office outside the Netherlands is on the island of Curagao. Thanks to its situation in the centre of North and South America, Cura gao has traditionally been an im portant financial centre. An inter view with Deputy General Man ager Jan van Hunen. Page 3. 1990 is almost behind us. Time to look back at a year in which the internationalization of the Rabobank Group has continued at an accelerated pace. Focus on the develop- ments inside and outside the Netherlands. A rundown on the highlights. Page 6. issue 8/December 17,1990 In mid-October Charles Ruijs, the new head of the Foreign Offices Department, attented the festive start of Rabobank Duta in Indonesia and was introduced to the staff of the joint venture. Early next year Rabobank Duta will be opened officially. Members of Rabobank Nederland's Board of Directors, who will then be visiting the foreign offices in the Far East, will also be present at the ceremoney. With effect from 1 May 1991 Frank Schreve has been appointed a member of the Executive Board of Rabobank Nederland. He will mainly be responsible for Rabobank Ne derland's own banking activi- ties and will be Chairman of the Management Committee of the Central Banking Sector. At present, Schreve is still Chairman of the Executive Board of the Heidemij. lts activ- ities comprise the manage ment and maintenance of the living environment in the Nether lands with all that implies, in- cluding real estate, the infra- structure and land develop- ment. Schreve studied eco- nomics in Lausanne in Switzer- land and business administra- tion at Stanford University in California. His appointment fills the vacancy which arose following the death of Henry Klarenbeek last year. The ADCA-BANK has found office accommodation in the World Trade Center in Leipzig. Headed by Jürgen Andrae, former General Manager of the ADCA office in Hanover, it will start its activities this month. The real estate market is so difficult in terms of quality and price that finding suitable ac commodation proved much harder than anticipated,' says Karl Friedrich Tappe, General Manager of the ADCA-BANK. 'But we're already doing busi ness in the former GDR. In mid- October the ADCA-BANK con- cluded its first credit agreement with what was formerly an East German company in the agri- business sector. Up to now, four people have worked on the East of Germany from Berlin.' Peter Berns, General Manager of the Berlin office: 'Our experi- ences have been good. Particu- larly in handling payment trans- actions we can be of assis- tance to Dutch customers. Gen- erally speaking, it must be re- membered that it takes be- tween three and six weeks for money from the former GDR to reach the Netherlands. Through our office in Berlin it takes about eight working days.' Unwanted intimacies are becoming an increasingly topi- cal subject in the Netherlands. What one person regards as a nuisance, is no problem to someone else. A brochure pro- duced by Rabobank Nederland deals with the nature of such intimacies, who are likely to be bothered and what can be done about it. The collective labour agreement for the Dutch banking sector stipulates that the employer must give information designed to prevent unwanted intimacies at the workplace. Unwanted inti- mate behaviour can comprise a whole range of actions: pawing, displaying sexy posters on the wall, showing colleagues porn magazines, hanging over some one, touching others unneces- sarily, and also indecent as- sault. It means that one-sided, unwanted behaviour and some- times force are involved. Not everyone sees his or her boss's arm around their shoulders as a friendly gesture. fnr the Rahnhank Grnun

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