People Rabo band Rabo band Issue 8/December 17, 1990 Rabobank Duta BRAZIL Ab Gillhaus and Berry Marttin will rein- force the Raibobank do Brasil team as Ac count Manager and Junior Account Man ager, respectively. Giilhaus comes from the Utrecht Head Office, where he was account manager for the agribusiness. Berry Marttin underwent on-the-job training in Utrecht for a number of months in the summer. In No vember Fernando Haaland was recruited as a management trainee. He will start his training in Holland on 1 February. On 1 De cember Ursuia Starke started as Assistant Secretary and Receptionist. She replaces Georgia Tomita, who has been promoted to full-time Raibodoc assistant. HONG KONG A number of commercial people have joined the Hong Kong Branch. Corporate Banking (Hong Kong Market): Thomas Kwong, Edwin Yu and Edmond Cheung. Structured Finance and Syndications (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea): Paul Chang and Nelson Ho. Ho has already worked in the representative office for more than two years. International Trade Finance (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea): Tony Au. Treasury: Raymond Wong, Treasurer, Brian Tsang, Money Market and Kenneth Chung, Foreign Exchange. Documentary Services (L/Cs, collection and remittances): Teddy Lo. LUXEMBOURG Jean-Pierre van Keymeulen has been engaged as Marketing Manager for Bel- gium, France and the Far East. He has 17 years' experience in Private Banking. For the last 5 years he has been on the staff of Citibank Luxembourg. He speaks seven languages. SINGAPORE Jeroen Nijsen has been sent abroad for a year to Singapore where he is account manager at the Bond Desk in Rabobank Asia Ltd. The head of the Bond Desk is Serenah Fah. Nijsen was formerly the ac count manager for International Institution- al Sales at Rabobank Nederland in Utrecht. Chiam Heng Kheng and Victor Leong joined Rabobank Asia in July. They form the corpor ate finance team of the merchant bank. Prior to this Chiam worked for NZI Merchant Bank. Victor, a trained lawyer, was with Abraham Low Partners. Seow Khoe Lay joined Rabobank Asia in September to head the Administration Operations Depart ment. He comes from Overseas Union Bank. Tan Kheng Lai was hired to comple ment the existing Private Banking team as Senior Officer in October. He previously worked for DG Bank-GZB. ARGENTINA/URUGUAY Gert Jan Mulder was promoted to Seni or Area Manager and appointed to repre- sent Rabobank at Surinvest Casa Bancaria. His operating area comprises Argentina and Uruguay. For two years now Rabobank Ne derland has had an agency agreement with Surinvest Casa Bancaria, through which we pre-finance grain exports from Argentina to other parts of the world. Through the agree ment with Surinvest Rabobank now has a representative both in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. CURACAO Yvette Cuales joined Rabobank Curagao NV on 1 October as Trust Manager, followed by John Romer who will be heading the ac counting department as of 1 December. NEW YORK Barbara Hyland has joined the New York Branch as Manager Commodities Trade Fi nance. Phillip Peters has been appointed senior account manager US Agribusiness Banking. Both have been given the title of Vice-President. INTERNATIONAL DIVISION Willem Wagner has been appointed Dep- uty General Manager of Rabobank Neder land with effect from 17 December. He is a member of the management of Rabobank Nederland's International Division. The management is being expanded because of the growth in international activities. In the past 14 years Wagner has worked for the Algemene Bank Nederland in Europe, Latin America and latterly as General Manager of the offices in Taiwan. ADCA-BANK Jürgen Andrae has been appointed Gen eral Manager of the new office in Leipzig, the former GDR. He used to be the General Manager of the ADCA office in Hanover. The establishment of Rabobank Duta in Indonesia and its activities might need some clarification. Rabobank Duta is a newly established bank in Indonesia, with Rabobank Nederland as the majority (85 per cent) shareholder. The bank's activ ities are similar to those of a full branch and concentrate on wholesale banking, such as corporate lending in local and for eign currency, transfers, L/Cs, etc., as well as deposit-taking. For legal reasons, the Jakarta Representative Office is main- tained and specifically responsible for Dutch-related business, the Dutch Desk, and offshore loans that are mainly booked in Singapore. The staff of Rabobank Duta consists of: Henk Adams (Chairman and Managing Direc- tor), Barney Agerbeek (Director Credit and Marketing), Non Rawung (Treasury Manag er), Mohd. Nasiruddin Zain (Senior Account Manager), Siswanto Sutojo (Senior Account Manager), Parluhutan Napitupulu (Account Manager), Tina Sugiro (Manager Finance and Accounting), Hikmah Effendi (Manager Operations/Customer Services), Felix I. Hartadi (Legal Officer), Conny Nainggolan (Agro-economist), Elly Lysana (Secretary), Indrawati Gularso (Secretary), Astrid Pur- wanto (Secretary) and Irene Pangemanan (General Affairs). The staff of the Represen tative Office consists of Maria Kristanto (Representative) and Narayana Sondak (secretary). INTERNATIONAL Editorial staff Stan Polman, Thea Mutsaers-Fibbe and Mariëtte Rozmus (Editorial Department) Cees van Rest, Maarten van den Bergh and Ton van Iperen (International Division) Editorial address Rabobank Nederland Maike Wit, editorial secretary P.O. Box 17100 3500 HG Utrecht The Netherlands UC-R 514 Tel (030) 902083 Fax (030) 901904 Correspondents Henk Adams (Indonesia), André Bar (France), Maus Barendrecht (Spain), Teun de Boon (Bra- zil), Jos van Boxel (Australia), Cora Gelbstein (United Kingdom), Otmar Heinz (Germany), Ad van Hienen (Luxembourg), Cees Jansen (Italy), Raymond Koh (Singapore), Gert Jan Mulder (Uruguay), Tat la Porte (Netherlands Antilies), Sjouke Postma (Hong Kong), Marlies Peeters (De Lage Landen), Hoyte Sillevis Smitt (Switzer- land), Karl Stoops (Belgium), Mia van de Ven (USA) Designed and printed by Hoonte Holland, Utrecht Translation Rabobank Nederland Translation Department Rabobank all over the world Branches: Antwerp/Belgium London/United Kingdom New York/USA Singapore/Republic of Singapore Hong Kong/Hong Kong Representative Offices/LPO's: Jakarta/lndonesia Madrid/Spain Milan/ltaly Paris/France Sydney/Australia Dallas/USA San Francisco/USA Brussels/Belgium Edinburgh/United Kingdom Montevideo, Uruguay Subsidiaries: ADCA-BANK AG/Germany Head Office: Frankfurt am Main. Branches in: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Ham burg, Hanover, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart Raibobank do Brasil Ltda Sao Paulo/Brazil Rabobank Curapao NV Curagao, Netherlands Antilles Rabobank Trustmaatschappij Curagao NV Curagao, Netherlands Antilles Rabobank Luxembourg SA Luxembourg Rabolnvest Management AG Zurich/Switzerland Rabobank Asia Ltd. Singapore PT Rabobank Duta Jakarta/lndonesia NedShip Bank Piraeus/Greece, New York/USA, Curagao/Netherlands Antilles De Lage Landen Financial Services Brussels/Belgium, Paris/France, Milan, Torino/ltaly Dusseldorf/Germany Tunbridge Wells/United Kingdom

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