IN BRIEF Kano Information day on Spain Further inter- nationalization of De Lage Landen Rabobank presents Fazioli concert grand ADCA-BANK sponsors six-day cycle race in Stuttgart New office building in London Issue 6/April 6, 1990 band Rabobank has had a repre- sentative office in Madrid since the end of last year. To bring this to the attention of potential Dutch customers, an information day on Spain was held in February at the of fices of Rabobank Nederland in Utrecht. Some four hundred customers of local banks re- sponded to the invitation. Her man Wijffels, Chairman of the Executive Board, opened the meeting. Since Spain joined the Euro- pean community, interest in this country among Dutch busi- nessmen has grown sharply. Dutch trade with Spain is steadily increasing. Last year Dutch exports to Spain rose by 40%, compared with 1988, to around f 5.4 billion. Spain is also popular as an investment country. The Netherlands ac- counted tor more than 10% of the totai foreign investments in 1989. The growth of activities between the Netherlands and Spain led Rabobank to open its own office in Madrid. To be able to offer our services to Dutch customers throughout the whole country, a collabora- tive agreement was signed with the Banco Popular Espa- hol. Those attending the informa tion day were told by various speakers about the possibili- ties which Spain - and particu- larly Rabobank in Spain - has to offer. One of the speakers was Maus Barendrecht (sec- ond from right). He is the man ager of the representative of fice in Spain. De Lage Landen, a subsidiary of the Rabobank Group, spe- cializing in, among other things, leasing and factoring, has taken over 'Centrale Factor', a French factoring company. By taking over this group, which also has branches in Munich and Milan, De Lage Landen is extending its international activities to Southern Europe. 'Centrale Factor' has 25 em ployees and achieved a turnover of about FF 1.1 billion in 1989. Some years ago De Lage Landen embarked on a course of vigorous international expansion. In 1987 it undertook a joint venture with the Belgian savings bank Cera, which was followed, in 1988, by a similar agreement with the West German ADCA- Bank. Last year De Lage Landen opened a branch in Great Britain. Rabobank Nederland has presented a Fazioli concert grand to the 'Vredenburg' mu- sic centre in Utrecht. With this gift, the bank puts the concert hall one step ahead, for it is the first Fazioli concert grand in the Netherlands. The Italian constructor Paolo Fazioli delivered the instru ment personally and briefly played it in. The first concert on the Fazioli was given in Utrecht by the Italian Enrico Pace. Last year he won the Liszt competition, of which Rabobank was the main sponsor. Hundreds of Rabobank colleagues attended the first concert and were wild- iy enthusiastic about the per formance. From 27 April on- wards, the concert grand will be taken on tour through the Netherlands. Another three Faziolis are being brought to the Netherlands from other countries in Europe for this oc casion. This concert tour is also being sponsored by Rabobank. The 'voice' of the new con cert grand was head for the first time at the Frankfurt Music Fair in 1981. lts de signer is Paolo, the youngest of six sons of the Italian fur- niture maker Fazioli, who himself had al- ready experi- mented with building pianos in the thirties. Paolo (second The six-day cycle race in Stuttgart (West-Germany) has developed into an annual sporting and social highlight. Good reason for ADCA-BANK to invite a number of the cy- cling enthusiasts among its customers to visit this spec- tacular event. The well-known former Dutch racing cyclist Hennie Kuiper (left) and Sven Epple (centre), twice German junior champion, told ADCA chief executive Hans van der Velde (right) and his customers all about the se- crets and tactics of the sport. ADCA-BANK sponsored one of the races. This was given the name ADCA-Sprint and was won by Danny Clark and Bruno Holenweger. from left) studied piano at the Pesaro conservatory. At the same time, he studied mech- anics at the University of Rome. With one special aim in mind. He wanted to develop the perfect concert grand. Paolo set up a factory close to Venice and linked the tradition of the old instrument makers' craft to the latest technical achieve- ments. The wood for the con cert grand comes from the so- called resonance spruce from the forest in the Val di Femme, from which Stradivarius used to obtain the wood for his famous violins. In mid-1990 the staff of the London Branch will move into their new office on the periphery of the City, the financial heart of the capital. The old premises in Mark Lane had already become too small in the space of three years, hence the move. The new building has been rent- ed with growth in mind. The I immediately will be subiet until rooms which are not required I they are needed.

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