ABN and Amro to merge ADCA more RABO Rabobank seeks cooperation with Interpolis Cooperation be- tween Rabobank and Bank Duta Satellite news experiment started Staff communication magazine for the Rabobank Groun /VJHEN EFFORT& STREWörH1^ f ARE RI60R0US, results&srovjth ARE VNSoRouS,,../ Holland's two largest com mercial banks, ABN and Amro, are planning to merge. The combined bank will be the sixth largest in Europe and rank among the top 25 on the world list of banks. Both ABN and Amro engage mainly in the provision of ser vices to large companies and in ternational concerns. The merger is mainly aimed at achieving cost savings in the domestic market and creating a broader basis for international expansion. Be- tween them, the two banks have 375 branches abroad, against Rabobank's present total of 30 foreign offices. After the merger, Rabobank will still rank fore- most in many segments of the domestic market. lts present share in the savings market is twice that of the future new bank, which will have a 15% share in the residential mort- gage market compared with Rabobank's 25%. ADCA-BANK in West Ger- many is giving increasing em- phasis to the fact that it is part of the Rabobank Group. The photograph shows the ADCA- branch in Dusseldorf, where the new name was put up on the front. The lettering is in line with the Rabobank Group's house style. The Rabobank logo is also included. Rabobank Nederland and the cooperative insurance com- pany Interpolis intend to enter into a more extensive form of cooperation. As a result of a recent change in Dutch legis- lation, insurers and banks can maintain closer links. Rabo bank now holds 11% of the shares of Interpolis. Interpolis and Rabobank ex- pect that a combination of their banking and insurance busi ness will lead to a stronger starting position for respond- ing to future market develop- ments. By integrating forms of financial services and offering these in a combined form, they will be able to increase the effectiveness of the ser vice supplied. Located at Til burg in the south of the Netherlands, Interpolis has 1,750 employees. The contract for the coop eration between Rabobank Ne derland and the Indonesian Bank Duta was signed in Ja karta on 19 January. It lays down that the two banks will jointly set up a commercial bank in the ratio of eighty- five/fifteen. This bank will be called PT Rabobank Duta. Gijs van der Schrieck of the Singa pore Branch signed the con tract on behalf of Rabobank and Mr Abdulgani signed for the Bank Duta. It was not only the experience of Henk Adams, our represen- tative in Jakarta, but also that of the Rabobank Foundation (SSR) that contributed to the decision to set up the PT Rabo bank Duta. The Rabobank Foundation has been actively involved in giving guidance to cooperatives in Indonesia for some years now. Present there for over four years, Rabobank has found that it may confident- ly be said that there is room for a commercial bank. A commer cial bank which, on the one hand, will focus on companies interested in relationships with the Netherlands and, on the other hand, on companies in the agricultural sector. The In donesian economy is prosper- ing, partly under the influence of the vigorous development in the other countries in this part of the world. Until 1988 it was impossible for a foreign bank to acquire a majority holding in an existing or newly-planned Indonesian bank. Bank Duta is a success- ful commercial bank. It is one ofthefifteen Indonesian banks with a permitto do business in- temationally. In addition, there are another eleven banks which are traditionally owned by foreign banks. In ferms of balance-sheet volume, Bank Duta is the ninth largest com mercial bank in Indonesia. If the implementation of the con tract goes according to plan, the new bank will be able to open its doors in November. On Thursday 1 March, the live TV news for the Rabobank Group in the Netherlands went on the air for the first time. The bank's own Audio-Visual Department in Eindhoven produces a news programme four days a week. Besides the thirteen perma nent employees, eight freelancers have been recruited for the two-month trial. By way of experiment, employees can watch live news from the organization plus financial news in forty local banks and the Dutch offices of Rabobank Nederland every morn- ing at 8.30. Viewers' initial reactions were positive. FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE..

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