'International activities' main topic at General Meeting band The board members and general managers of the local Rabobanks meet annually at the General Meeting. On June 8th it was held true to tradition in the enormous halls of the Utrecht Trade Fair Centre. During the morning, almost three thousand representatives from the banks discussed the policy of the previ- ous year. The afternoon was, as usual, reserved for a special topic. This year the bank's international activities took centre stage. Report on video Issue 4/September 22, 1989 Kif I1U speech was amply illustrated with video im ages of the activities of Rabobank offices outside the Netherlands projected on Europe's largest video screen. Service to customers 'The essence of our policy is that Rabobank cannot realize its objective of being a credit co-operative - that is, a fully-fledged Dutch bank of and for its business customers - without also be ing a bank for, and a bank in, foreign coun- tries', said Klarenbeek during his speech. 'If our customers are doing more business abroad, then we should also be there be- cause it is our job to represent the inter- ests of our customers.' Rabobank is now rapidly making good ground in the provision of services abroad. There are already 642 men and women employed all over the world. Klarenbeek advised the local Rabo banks in the Netherlands to consider regu- larly how the international activities of Rabobank Nederland can be of significance to them. Support Klarenbeek was clear about the aims of the world-wide activities of the Rabobank Group: 'We must first of all de- Chairman of the Executive Board, Herman Wijf fels, addresses the meeting. Visitors to the meeting were intro- duced to the activities of the Inter national Division even before they entered the hall. At an information market mounted on a large scale, 'International' dominated with an impressive stand which focused attention on all offices outside the Netherlands. It turned out to be a meeting- place where the General Managers and staff of these offices from all over the world could shake hands with the board members and General Managers of the lo cal Rabobanks. After the meeting was over, the information market was also open to staff members of the Rabobanks and Rabobank Nederland, which led to even more acquaintances being made. International activities At the annual meetings, the afternoons were always re served for a speaker from outside the Rabobank Group. This is usually a dignitary who reports on Dutch Government policy or on monetary policy. This year all eyes were fïxed on the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board, Henry Klarenbeek, who captured the attention of his audience with an inter- esting subject: international policy. His velop into an international bank for Dutch entrepreneurs because, without a suitable international services package in a world that is rapidly changing and becoming smaller, we can no longer realize the task we have set ourselves. We must, secondly, play a prominent role as a specialized world-wide agribusiness bank. Finally, we must, through our foreign operations, find ways of tapping sources of funds that are well-spread internationally, also for the benefit of our financing activities in the Netherlands.' Tripie-A The raising of funds has all the qualities necessary for succesful operating. The organization's strong capital position has already gained international recognition in the form of a 'triple-A-rating' with three separate institutes. Says Klarenbeek: 'Be cause of this we compete in the small 'pre mier division' of the most highly regarded banks and enterprises in the world. We are regarded world-wide as a strong bank with a solid market position in the Netherlands and a strong international specialization.' Mature At the meeting Klarenbeek made it clear that in foreign business too, Rabobank has good reason to nurture a healthy degree of self-confidence. 'The foreign services package can exist as a mature component of the main activities of the local bank. The sun never sets on the network of offices that we have established in ten years. In this respect too, we offer a round-the-clock service.' The report that was delivered during the meeting of the General Managers and board members has been record- ed on video. The staff at the local banks in the Netherlands have also had the chance to look at it. The video was translated into English and German and sent to all our offices abroad. During the break, Herman Wijffels is interviewed by Dutch Television.

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