Our aim is to be where our customers want us to be The Singapore branch is growing among 200 other banks band Since the early seventies, when Rabobank Nederland L y m began its international operations, the organization =i-r has capitalized on the specialized knowledge of agri- £f I h business and commodity finance to further its activi- ties in this field on a global scale and to be where our customers want us to be. Although there are some 200 banks of various nationalities in Singapore alone, Rabobank is slowly but surely making its presence feit in this region by its aggressive marketing and perseverance. Issue 3/April 5, 1989 In true pioneering spirit, Gijs van der Schrieck, General Manager Far East started the business of establishing the presence of the Rabobank Group in the Far East together with his fluently Dutch speaking secretary Diane Gan, from a suite in the Marco Polo Hotel, Singapore, on 22 August 1985. In June 1986, the bank established a full branch in Singa pore and representative offices in Hong ong and Jakarta. Robert R. Smit was the first Deputy General Manager (with Secre tary, Goh Wee Nee) now being succeeded by Hans Stock as of August 1988. Today, the Singapore Branch has 36 employees, compared to 21 employees in June 1986 and boasts a Singapore dollars (S$) l,500m balance sheet. On 1 January 1989, a new daughter was born in Singa pore, Rabobank Asia Ltd, the merchant bank arm of the bank in the Far East. Challenges facing Rabobank In the Far East when the bank started, the name Rabobank was relatively unknown to corpo- rations and the banking community in general. Understandably, the name 'Rabobank' is not easily pronounced espe- ciaily by Asian tongues (even by those of our pioneer staff) and, jokingly, we were called the 'Rambo Bank', 'Raybo Bank' and even 'Rubber Bank'. After almost three years of 'soft-sell', the bank is now iown and more importantly recognized as The general managers and representatives for the Far East, except Sjouke Postma (Hong Kong): Frederik Hoek (Rabobank Asia Ltd.), Hans Stock (Singapore), Gijs van der Schrieck (Far East), Jos van Boxel (Sydney) and Henk Adams (Jakarta). a large international bank seriously inter- ested to assist Dutch related businesses. The bank is also recognized as a major agribusiness bank and generai expert on all forms of bankable business. Most of the staff of Rabobank Singapore is now also able to recite correctly by heart the full legal name of the bank - 'Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank'! Prospects 'The Far East' is experi- encing very promising economie expan- sion. Countries such as Singapore, Thai land, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, China and even the Phiiippines show high growth rates. Consequently, developments in the agro-industrial sectors in these countries profit enormously. International companies vying for first place in the many new oppor- tunities led to highly qualified joint ven- tures and therefore interesting business prospects for the bank. Loyalty is impor tant in this part of the world; as one cus- tomer remarked during a signing ceremo- ny: 'The mandate was given to you (lead manager/agent) as you were one of our most stable bankers for more than 20 years'. With an environment recovering dra- matically fast from an economie downturn (1985-1987) and showing very good growth also in the area of Rabobank's pri- ority sector, we will further strengthen our presence in the area. First of all, by im- proving our know-how in various fields and training specialist credit staff to further in- crease their knowledge of agro-technology and other products, also by expanding our staff so that they will have adequate time and opportunity to attend to our cus tomers' business in any of the countries under our responsibility. For example, as Australia offers very good possibilities for Rabobank, it was decided to locate an ac count manager in Sydney to service the Australian market. Sydney is a good seven hours' flight from Singapore. Jos van Boxel, previously the Senior Area Manager for amongst others Australia and New Zealand, is Rabobank's man in Sydney from February on. From a banking point of view, there are ample opportunities to expand further. Nat- urally, much will depend on what our cus tomers do. Knowing that there are impres- sive programmes of decentralization, dereg- ulation and liberalization in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, there will be a growing number of possibilities for them. The offices in the Far East are primar- ily to help them achieve their goals in this region. To improve on our possible assis- tance to them, Rabobank people are enter ing into the local business communities in the Asian countries and managing our credit portfolio with success. The Singapore branch is divided into three departments. First we take a look at the Operations department headed by Mrs. Rose Quek. Although fre- quently separated by thousands of miles, the first voice that an overseas caller will hear from the Singapore Branch is the friendly voice of Sandra, the receptionist. In fact the Operations department is run by ladies only, except for one man, Yunos. The department is divided into five sec- tions. Running two of these sections is our capable and efficiënt operations officer, Shirley Ho. She heads both the settlement and bills sections. Settlement department is 'manned', by Wai Miin - one of the pioneers in the bank - and the vivacious Susie. Mind you, Susie is one of the fittest girls in the bank. Fit enough to walk up 73 storeys of Westin Hotel, the tallest hotel in the world, in four- teen minutes. Carol, who also conquered Westin Hotel, is the remittance clerk. She will be a blushing bride come May next and Rowena, the bills clerk is the newest mem- ber of the biils and remittance section. Lil- ian, the junior bills officer, is an efficiënt and friendly assistant to Shirley. She is well liked by customers and is extremely good in convincing customers to do things the bank's way. mm Working the computer and 'jf\ff generating tons of reports PD is the team of four hard- 3a working ladies. Leading CO the team is Julia, the ac- H countant. She is assisted by June - one of the quietest workers Tock Joon - a pert and inventive worker - and Valerie, a newcomer to the section. The section that has the most new recruits is the Loan Administration. This section backs up not only the Credit Marketing department, but also the merchant bank. Share-financing processings, rollovers, etc. are all part of their daily work. Soh Geok Hoon, is the new loan administration offi cer taking over the duties formerly per- formed by Julia. Two additional staff will be joining the section in the near future. On administration, there is Oi Mei, de partment secretary. She not only coordi-

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