The New York Branch The Dutch Desk About the Netherlands The General Meeting New establishments of Rabobank Theme day USA for Dutch clients in Utrecht Agribusiness Advisory Com- mittee in the USA Dealing room in Antwerp 1/ Staff communication magazine for the Rabobank Group issue 2/September 23,1988 In the field of international- ization the Rabobank Group has continued expanding its activities at a great pace. In the past half year decisions vere made on several new es tablishments. Early next year a representative office will be established in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This year, in November, a so-called Loan Production Of fice will be opened in Dallas, Texas, USA (photo). A LPO con- ducts only part of the banking business. It is, in fact, a com mercial outpost of the New York Branch. At the end of the year another LPO will be estab lished in San Francisco. The end of 1988 will see the open ing of a finance company in Zürich (Switzerland) and in Luxembourg. In the course of next year a representative of fice will be opened in Milan, Italy. In addition, Spain is be- ing considered for the estab lishment of a Rabobank office n its territory in the immedi- ate future. Rabobank is also planning to upgrade the Hong Kong representative office into a full branch in the second half of 1989. In early June the Rabobank Group held its Annual General Meeting. Once a year the General Managers and board mem- bers of the local Rabobanks in the Netherlands meet to dis- cuss the report and annual accounts of the past year and to adopt the policy for the year to come. More than 3,000 bank officials attended this meeting, which was held in one of the huge halls of the Utrecht Trade Fair. One of the guests was Gerrit Braks, the Dutch Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. More details of this meeting can be found on page 8. This year Rabobank is pay- ing special attention to clients who do business with the Unit ed States of America. The opening of new branches in Dallas and San Francisco is an example of this. At the end of April the International Division organised a theme day for the clients of member banks on 'Doing Business with the Uni ted States'. The meeting took place in the head office of Rabobank Nederland in Ut recht. Trade relations between the Netherlands and the United States are very close-knit,' said the Deputy Chairman of the Ex- ecutive Board, Henry Klaren- beek, in his opening address. Continued on page 2 The USA will soon see the inaugura- tion of the Agribusiness Advisory Commit- tee. This committee, which will be composed of leading repre sentaties of agribusiness in the USA, will inform the man agement in Utrecht and New York on national developments in this sector. The committee will have about ten members and convene several times a year. Expectations are that this Advisory Committee will contribute to increasing the name recognition of Rabobank in the USA. Our Antwerp Branch (Bel- gium) has been extended by the addition of a dealing room, in which there are four active dealers. Mr Henry Klarenbeek, Deputy Chairman of Rabobank Nederland's Ex ecutie Board, opened this new facility last June. The Lon- don, New York and Singapore Branches also have dealing rooms. Some 100 business customers and prospective customers were present at the festive meeting in Antwerp. During his speech on the occasion of the opening, Mr Hen Geukers, General Manager of the Foreign Ex change Division in Utrecht, stressed that the commercial use of the European ECU-cur- rency is still too limited and can be improved. As much as 10 percent of intra-European business transactions are still being performed in dollars. t>UTCH DESCALATOR TO AMERICA,,,. DuTCH DESK AMERICA

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