Rabo band Rabo band Tel (030) 902811/902835 Foreign Branches, Subsidiaries and Representative Offices of Rabobank Nederland: Issue 1/April 7, 1988 - Dutch Desk (liaison with Rabobank and general advice and research for Dutch companies); - Dutch corporations (banking services to Rabobank clients which have branches or subsidiaries in the UK); - Agribusiness (banking services to agri- business companies generally with turn- overs of less than £250,000,000); - Commodities (banking services to main- ly soft-commodity traders and other in ternational traders). The personnel consists of: Chris Jenkins, Head of Department; Saleha Lahiani, Man ager Commodities; Cora Gelbstein, Assistant Manager/Dutch Desk; Andrew Aitken, Assist ant Manager/Credit Analyst; Ellen Boon, Secretary/Dutch Desk; Nick Walker, Credit Analyst and Katie Tree, Secretary. London branch offers its customers a full range of banking services, including cheque accounts, overdrafts, loans for both short and medium term periods, foreign ex- change, documentary credits, acceptances, Islamic finance; guarantees (to, for in- stance, Customs authorities and EEC inter- vention boards) and performance bonds. Dealing Room The branch started its dealing opera- tions on 1 October 1985, with 2 people. Reer Bieren, now in Rabobank Singapore, and John Delves. It had a balance sheet to build, activities to create and 4 seats - 5 when Reer left - to fill. The activities have gradually been developed and the dealing room now quotes spot and forward foreign exchange to our customers and endeav- ours to provide competitive pricing in all the major currencies. We are also active in the interbank market and provide spot and forward quotations in dollar/guilder, dol lar/mark and dollar/sterling as well as cross currency rates. The activities in the deposit money markets encompass interbank eurodollars together with certificate of deposit and bills of exchange trading in sterling and eurodollars. Customers loan requirements also found in the major currencies and posit quotations are provided. The deal ing room also deals in forward rate agreements, interest rate swaps, floating rate notes and will soon start futures trading. These latter activities have been developed to provide a customer service as well as assist in the running of the branch's own books. The dealing room now com- prises: John Delves, chief dealer; Pat Hinnell, corporate and guilder dealings; Bob Graham, spot foreign exchange; Kevin Hayden, currency deposits and securities dealing; Darren Warburton, junior dealer and Tracey Dowell, positions clerk/trainee dealer. The Auditor Our Internal Auditor is Pieter van Bar- neveid. He joined us on lst August 1985 from the Audit Department at Rabobank in the Netherlands, to help set up procedures for London branch. His duties are to pro vide the General Manager with an inde pendent report of the activities of the branch in order to improve control by ad- vising on internal organization, work proce dures and financial reporting. He also makes recommendations to enhance quality and efficiency. The Dealing Room staff, from left to right Kevin Hayden, John Delves, Tracey Dowell and Bob Graham. Administration Department The department was the first to be de veloped once the decision to open a branch was taken, lts primary role was to ensure that the computer and other systems were in place and operational by the opening date. This objective was achieved and on lst October 1985 the de partment held a staff of nine. Of these, seven are still employed in the branch. With the growth of business, the old Operations Department was reorganised during 1987 with two main areas, Banking Operations and Finance Control. Banking Operations is managed by Padraig McCreesh who has two sections under his control, these being Settlements and General Banking. General Banking, su- pervised by Paul Harding, has responsibili- ty for the administration of all documenta ry and bill business, customer account ac tivities, Quick Cheques, safe custody and outward transfers. Mr Harding is assisted by the following staff: Terry Scotchmer and Karen McKellar (Documentary Credits), and Lynne Quilliam and Martin Chantree (Customer Accounts). The Settlements area is supervised by Tony Hill who, together with Tina Knight and Kirstie Atkinson, looks after the administration of deals made by the branch Deposit and FX dealers. Finance Control is managed by the Chief Accountant, Cameron McCrea, who has three main functions reporting to him, those of Accounts where Joanne Pilcher and James Law look after the branch's ac counting and control records; Data Proces sing Communications where Philip Lle- wellyn as our analyst programmer has the task of ensuring that the various systems, including automated payments, are con- stantly available. Mr Llewellyn is assisted by Belinda Bishop. Roy Kilpatrick is re- sponsible for Office Services Messen- gers and is assisted by Reg Seal (the Nes tor of our employees). We have recently taken the services of Erica von Poppe as our receptionist. She has recently moved to Britain and was previously employed by Rabobank Zeist. Gill Farrow has a dual role, that of personnel administration and also as secretary to David Stiff who is head of the department. INTERNATIONAL Editorial staff Stan Polman and Thea Mutsaers-Fibbe (Editorial Department) Anton Nillesen and Gyula Vigh van Ujvaros (International Division) Editorial address Rabobank Nederland P.O. Box 17100 3500 HG Utrecht The Netherlands Fax (030)902845 Correspondents Henk Adams (Indonesia), Ellen Boon (London), Otmar Heinz (Germany), Jan van Hunen (Curagao), Raymond Koh (Singapore), Jacqueline Le Moignier (Paris), Sjouke Postma (Hong Kong), Karl Stoops (Antwerp) and Mia van de Ven (New York). Designed and printed by Hoonte Holland, Utrecht Translation Rabobank Nederland Translation Department Contributors to this issue Maarten van den Bergh, Herman Jonkman, Cees van Rest, David Stiff Branches New York Branch/USA Antwerp Branch/Belgium London Branch/United Kingdom Singapore Branch/Republic of Singapore Representative Offices Paris/France Hong Kong Jakarta/lndonesia Subsidiaries Federal Republic of Germany ADCA-BANK AG Head Office; Frankfurt am Main Branches in: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hannover, München (Munich) and Stuttgart. Netherlands Antilles Rabobank Curagao Willemstad, Curagao

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