Rabobank Nederland London Branch Rabo band Rabobank Nederland has had a presence in the City of London since 1 November 1982, when Henk Gentis, currently General Manager, and Cora Gelbstein, currently Assistant Manager Commercial Banking, started the Representative Office. After a brief spell in the London and Continental Bankers' building the 'rep office' was moved to Gresham Street. The London branch opened for business at its present premises, 63 Mark Lane, on 1 October 1985. The current organization consists of: Issue 1/April 7, 1988 the world. It is an important member of the EEC and its universities and labora- tories are in the forefront of emerging horti- cultural and animal-related technologies. For all these reasons, our Bank considered it important to have a presence in the UK and our branch was opened with four main commercial objectives. These were to devel- op worthwhile relationships with companies in the areas of: Rabobank-reiated cus- tomers and Anglo-Dutch companies in gen- eral; Agribusiness; General corporate and Agri-commodities. As the branch has devel- oped and the number of customers has in- creased, we have reorganized these separ ate sectors to bring together the specific expertise of the various account managers with the purpose of offering our customers the best possible service. Corporate Banking Department The Corporate Banking Department markets the branch's services to large companies (with a turnover of more than 250,000,000) in the UK and Ireland. The account managers in this-department are familiar with the specific financial needs of large corporations and are there- fore able to approach the treasurers of these corporations with creative and flexi- ble answers to their funding requirements. The size of the facilities extended to these companies frequently goes beyond the lending limits of one single bank and open syndication and club deals are quite com- mon in this market segment. The Corpora te Banking Department therefore main- Henk Gentis, General Manager of our London Branch. Banking services One of the prime reasons for open ing the London Branch, was to further the interests of the Rabo bank Group and its customers in the United Kingdom, a country which has had clo se links with the Netherlands over several centuries and which provides an important market for Dutch exporters. Additionally, many Dutch companies and individuals are located in the UK. London is one of the world's premier financial and commodity trading centres; the UK in general, after a decline in the fifties and sixties, is now one of the fastest growing economies in Our London Branch. tains close contact with a number of other commercial and merchant banks in the City. The personnel consists of: Michael Barker, Head of Department; Pamela Green and Dean Clark, Account Managers; Mary Parsons, Head of Credit Analysis; Anne Daniël, Loans Administration/Assistant Cre dit Analyst; Heather Armstrong and Paulien Ruys, secretaries. Anglo-Dutch Corporate Banking Department The task of the Anglo-Dutch Corporate Banking Department is to offer a range of services to Dutch companies involved in imports and exports between the UK and the Netherlands. These clients can be companies in the Netherlands or subsidia- ries or branches of Dutch companies oper- ating in the UK. The companies are mainly customers of Rabobank Nederland and consequently are medium-large to lar companies. The department offers ass. ance in market research and gives advice on numerous subjects to both Dutch cus tomers and English companies with an in terest in the Netherlands. In this respect Anglo-Dutch Corporate Banking overlaps with the activities of Dutch Desk. The per sonnel consists of André Bar, Senior Ma nager, and his personal assistant Riet Vis ser, who also acts as secretary to Henk Gentis, the General Manager. In their tasks they are assisted in particular by the credit analyst and other staff of the Com mercial Banking Department. And last, but certainly not least; Commercial Banking Department The rationale behind the formation of the Commercial Banking Department was to utilize the knowledge of our Dutch Desk and commodities management in retail banking and international trade so that we can offer our customers a wide variety of experience and expertise. The clientele covered by the department are effectively the small to medium-sized corporations and the international traders. Specifically, the department offers services as follows:

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