Introducing our very own Raboband International The Netherlands in brief 2 Quick Cheque Service 4 Annual results 1987 5 Interview with Henk Visser 6 The London Branch 8 New'Stijl' campaign From the editorial staff Rabobank's Quick Cheque Service Staff communication magazine for the Rabobank Group The Netherlands, which is the home-country of Rabo bank, is a small but densely populated and highly devel- oped country situated on the North Sea and containing the estuaries of three major rivers, the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt. Consequently, it has come to seek its livelihood mainly in shipping, commerce and tran sit trade, the latter comprising the transport of goods to countries lying further inland. The surface area is 41,548 square kilometres and the country has almost 15 million inhabitants. 4,243 square kilo metres (1658 square miles) are uninhabitable as they are covered by rivers, canals and lakes. This means there is an average of over 425 people to ach square kilometre, the most densely populated area being the 'Randstad' conurba- tion in the west of the country, which comprises Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht, lts situation on the North Sea in the vicinity of the warm guif stream gives the country a temperate maritime climate, with average tempera- tures of 1,7°C in January and 17°C in Juiy. The total precipi- tation of over 700 mm is spread fairly evenly throughout the year. AMSTERDAM THE HAGUE UTRECHT TTER ROTTERDAM EINDHOVEN Issue 1/April 7,1988 Herman Wijffels The Netherlands is a constitu- tional monarchy with a parlia- mentary system. The Head of State is Queen Beatrix. The Royal House is the House of Orange, which has been con- nected with the Netherlands since the sixteenth century. The founder of the House was Prince William of Orange (1533-1584). The present Head of State, Queen Beatrix, is married to Prince Claus von Amsberg. They have three sons. The seat of the govern- continued on page 2 Now that both the offices and staff working beyond the Dutch borders are increasing in number, the time has come to add a new element to our means of communication. I hereby proudly present the first edition of Raboband Inter national, the English language issue of the Group's staff com munication magazine that is distributed among the employ ees of both Rabobank Neder land and its member banks in the Netherlands. The Rabobank Group's interna tional operations are primarily aimed at supporting the busi ness interests of its members and customers in the Nether lands. In this, a major part is played by the employees of the foreign-based offices. To- gether with those working in the International Division, they are responsible for giving shape to our Group's policy. Through this magazine, we want to keep you informed of things worth knowing about the organization you are work ing for, its activities and its people. I hope that Raboband, which stands for 'Rabobank link or tie', may serve to strengthen your ties with Rabo bank in the Netherlands. Herman Wijffels, chairman of the Executive Board. You are now reading the first issue of Raboband Interna tional, the English language edition of Raboband, the Rabo bank Group's staff communica tion magazine in the Nether lands. The magazine aims at strengthening the bonds among its readers. It sets out to give as much information as possible in order to draw its readers more closely to- gether, to make them aware that we all work within one and the same organization. The Dutch edition has a circu- lation of 33,000, while the English edition has a circula- tion of no less than 33,500 copies. This means that every Rabobank employee, any- where in the world, receives a copy of Raboband Internatio nal. If you have any hints to give, comments to make or letters of general interest, please get in touch with the correspondent of your office or with the editorial staff in the Netherlands. Since 1983 Rabobank has offered its exporting clierrts a unique cheque collection ser vice, enabling them to save con- siderably on collection time of cheques originating from the USA, West Germany and the UK. The first Quick Cheque Service, as it is called, was developed in cooperation with the New York branch, specifically for our Dutch clients exporting to the United States. Under the Quick Cheque Service USA the collec tion of cheques is accelerated by at least two weeks: Ameri can importers no longer send their cheques to their suppliers in the Netherlands, but in- stead, the cheques are sent di- continued on page 2

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