(NLG x 1,000) Less: covered by counter guarantees Company Balance Group Balance Sheet Sheet 1991 1990 1991 1990 64,447 47,805 64,447 47,805 706,748 516,415 1,241,358 (1,241,358) 1,320,369 (1,320,369) 1,241,358 (1,241,358) 1,320,369 (1,320,369) 771,195 564,220 64,447 47,805 This refers to mortgage credit facilities offered to and accepted by clients. In accordance with Article 403, Book 2, Title 9, of the t)utch Civil Code, the company has accepted responsibility for the liabilities pursuant to the legal transactions of a number of firms in wich the company has a 100% interest and which have been specified as such in the consolidated financial statements. The rights to earnings stipulated in article 33 of the articles of incorporation have led to the accrual of preferential rights to future distributions of earnings amounting to NLG 264,9 million as per December 31, 1991 (1990: NLG 218,7 million). The rights to earnings enjoyed by holders of preferred stock persuant to the provisions of article 33 of the articles of incorporation amounted to NLG 10,8 million as per December 31, 1991. It is proposed is to pay said amount, which will be charged to the “Other reserves”. 29 NOTES TO THE INDIVIDUAL ITEMS OF THE GROUP AND COMPANY BALANCE SHEET COMMITMENTS AND GUARANTEES GRANTED Guarantees granted to third parties Guarantees granted on behalf of participating interests Guarantees granted to third parties on behalf of Transveer B.V. COMMITMENTS IN RESPECT OF IRREVOCABLE FACILITIES LIABILITY COMMITMENTS AEGON N.V. RIGHTS TO EARNINGS DIVIDEND RIGHTS OF HOLDERS OF PREFERRED STOCK

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Annual Reports FGH Bank | 1991 | | pagina 31