EXPLANATORY NOTES At an extraordinary general meeting of stockhol ders held in Utrecht on May 28, 1991, a motion was approved to amend the company’s statutes. Pursuant to the legal requirement for a certificate of incorporation on this subject, an order detailing the proposed amendments was issued on November 18, 1991, under number N.V. 3602. The required amendments concerned changing the company’s name from Friesch-Groningsche Hypotheekbank N.V. to FGH BANK N.V. and bringing the company’s business aims in fine with those of a commercial bank. These changes to the company’s statutes were introduced with effect from December 3, 1991. On August 13, 1991, the company was issued with a license from De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. allo wing it to act as a credit institution as defined in Section la of the Credit Industry Supervising Act, with effect from January 1, 1992. The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of FGH BANK N.V., its subsidiaries and group companies. Joint ventures in financial insti tutions have been consolidated on a proportional basis, while other joint ventures have been accounted for as participating interests. At the same time, the results of participating interests not consolidated in the accounts are included under the heading “Results of participating interests”. Unless otherwise stated, all items have been inclu ded in the balance sheet at their nominal value. Marketable securities are stated at their quoted pri ces as per the balance sheet date. Unquoted secu rities are included at their estimated market value as per the balance sheet date. Receivables are stated at face value less deductions for provisions. In addition, a provision has been formed to cover risks inherent in the granting of credit (Section 11 (2) of the Credit Industry Supervising Act). This provision has been included under the heading “Payables”. Participating interests are stated at their net worth values, in accordance with the valuation principles adopted by FGH BANK N.V. Participating inte rests of more than 20% that have not been consoli dated in the accounts have been valued on the basis of their net asset values. Changes in net values in respect of the results achieved are shown under the heading “Results of participating interests”, as are the results from sales of participating interests. Real estate operated by the company is stated at purchase or construction cost less depreciation, provided this does not exceed the property’s mar ket value. Office buildings in use by the company are stated at current value. Depreciation on real estate ope rated by the company and on office buildings in use by the company, has been calculated after taking due account of the estimated useful life and residual value of such property. 22 GENERAL 1 BASIS OF CONSOLIDATION I PRINCIPLES FOR EQUITY AND RESULT DETERMINATION

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