REPORT AND RECOMMEN DATIONS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS After considering the advice of Moret Ernst Young registeraccountants, who audited and approved the accounts prepared by the Executive Board, the Board of Directors has approved and signed the 1991 financial statements. These financial statements include the consolidated annual returns, company balance sheet and income statement of FGH BANK N.V. (see page 14 ff.). In September 1991, Mr J.B.M. Streppel resigned from the Executive Board of FGH BANK to take up a position as Chairman of the Executive Board of Bank Van Haften Labouchere N.V.. We would like to thank Mr Streppel for the valuable contribution he has made to the management of FGH BANK in recent years. FGH BANK has benefited gready from his dedication, knowledge and expertise. The vacant seat on the Executive Board has since been taken by Mr Th.L.J. Zitman, who has already served FGH BANK in a number of important capacities. Immediately prior to his appointment to the Executive Board, Mr Zitman was head of B.V. Keizersveer, a subsidiary of FGH BANK. IThe Board of Directors has maintained close contact with the Executive Board throughout the present reporting period and can commend the excellent efforts of both management and staff during 1991. 9 TO THE STOCKHOLDERS WÊÊÊÊË We recommend that the company’s finan cial statements be approved accordingly and can confirm that no changes have taken place in the composition of the Board of Directors in the present reporting period. UTRECHT, MARCH 11, 1992. ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: H.B. van Wijk, Chairman

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Annual Reports FGH Bank | 1991 | | pagina 11