(NLG x 1,000) 1990 1989 Salaries, pensions and social insurance charges 25,395 25,715 The average number of staff employed by the company (including consolidated subsidiaries) during the year was 279 (1989: 300). The remuneration paid to members of the Executive Board and pensions paid to former Executive Board members totaled NLG 1.2 million (1989: NLG 1.1 million). Emoluments paid to present members of the Board of Directors totaled NLG 0.1 million (1989: NLG 0.1 million) The number of members of the Board of Directors on December 31, was 3. General overhead 8,243 7,279 Other expenses (11,181) 6,867 (2,938) 14,146 The item “Other expenses” in 1990 includes the transfer of NLG 14 million which had been reserved for deferred liabilities in respect of such expenses. 95 61 1,735 1,460 1,830 1,521 26,886 253 This item represents the tax due on eammgs specified in the Income Statement for the year 1990. The low taxation in 1989 reflects the fact that prior losses were set off against profit in that year. 31 EXPLANATORY NOTES ACCOMPANYING THE INDIVIDUAL ITEMS IN THE GROUP INCOME STATEMENT SALARIES, PENSIONS AND SOCIAL INSURANCE CHARGES OTHER EXPENSES DEPRECIATION OF BUILDINGS AND Buildings in use by the company Office equipment OFFICE EQUIPMENT TAXATION

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